Fishing for BIG reservoir small mouth.

Date filmed: 8/29/2016
Me and My cousin CJ went up to the Rondout Reservoir after work to search for some big smallmouth. We started in the spot we fished last weekend where i got a two pounder but we had nothing at all. So we went to the opposite side of the lake where we have fished many times and done pretty good, but, It was extremely windy. We tried drop shots, dragging wobble head jigs, swimbaits, lipless cranks, spinnerbaits,squarebills and even topwater but nothing. We walked up to a point where it was extremely windy so i figured id throw the jerkbait (lucky craft flash pointer) which works very well in windy conditions and figured id fish it fast unlike you do in early spring. I do fish jerkbaits year round because they work great when they are chasing bait and first cast it got smashed by a three and a half maybe 4 pound smallmouth which ended up being my only fish of the day and i don’t mind that. I’d rather catch one big one anyday over a bunch of dinks. Thanks for watching and reading! Subscribe for content weekly!
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