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Rainy Lake is one of the premiere lakes of Minnesota. The lake is actually located on the border of Minnesota and Canada near International Falls, Minnesota. This lake is a popular fishing and boating destination and the area is just beautiful. The lake is part of Voyageur’s National Park, which is Minnesota’s only national park.

Voyageur’s National Park is a huge park with 218,054 total acres. 134,265 acres are of land and 83,789 acres are of water. The park gives you an opportunity to see wolves, moose, black bear, white-tailed deer, bald eagles and loons. With all of the wildlife and the undeveloped shorelines, you will definitely feel like you are on a vacation. Rainy Lake and the Voyageurs National Park is a great vacation destination.

Let’s talk about the fishing on Rainy Lake. Thousands of anglers come here every year to fish for walleye and smallmouth bass. Rainy Lake has an outstanding walleye and smallmouth bass fishery. There are a lot of fish as well as many quality-sized fish. You can also catch northern pike and crappie on this lake. Fishermen have lots of success with jigs, crankbaits and minnow-shaped baits. In many areas, you will catch smallmouth bass and walleye in the same spots and lures that resemble a bait fish will give you the best chance of catching both species.

Because Rainy Lake is a popular vacation destination, you will have plenty of options for finding a place to stay on the lake. There are numerous cottages, motels and resorts that can accommodate you on your trip. Many of the resorts have boat rentals available for you or included in your lodging package. You can also find plenty of knowledgeable fishing guides that can help make your trip a memorable one.

For more information on the fishing resorts, guides and more, take a look at our Rainy Lake fishing page.

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