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Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource. com. And an interesting question that I got the
other day was, “What do you like to snackon while you’re fishing?”So I’m gonna walk you through some of what
I do, what my wife and I like to do, and maybeit might spark a few ideas for you. So the first thing I like to do, is I wanna
make sure that when we’re snacking on somethingI don’t wanna eat something that can melt
in the hot summer sun and we don’t wanna eatanything that makes a big mess. So typically that’d be shelled peanuts, sunflower
seeds, that kind of stuff. I know a lot of you guys love your sunflower
seeds, that’s fine, knock yourself out. I’m not saying don’t do it. But for me I don’t like that mess that it
creates, so I don’t like sunflower seeds onthe boat. But what we like to do is try a couple of
different things, this is what we’ve doneover the years. We’ve determined that one of the best things
to snack on, is these little Cliff Bars. These are great, easy to snack on, just stick
it in your shirt pocket while you’re eatingor while you’re fishing. I just like to open up one, I can munch on
it and eat it as I’m going down the lake. Another thing we like to munch on are crackers. Now I know I just said I don’t like to make
a lot of mess, but typically these don’t makea whole lot because they’re bite sized. Just pop one in your mouth and you’re done. So you don’t make a big mess. But the cool thing also about these is that
they provide some sodium, and you’re gonnaneed that while you’re on the lake. I wanna tell you something, about five, I
don’t know, seven years ago, I had a boutwith kidney stones. And I’m telling you what, if you haven’t had
that before, I hope you never do because it’sextremely painful. If you’ve had a broken bone, on a scale of
one to ten that’s about a six. Kidney stone’s about 11. It’s the worst kinda pain you can have. Once that was said and done, I talked over
with my doctor and I said, “Look, you know,what caused that?What happened?”Now I’m just gonna tell you what he told me. I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, so, take
it with a grain of salt. But he said, he asked me, “What do you drink?How do you stay hydrated?”And I said, “Well, you know, I’m from Seattle,
I like my latte, so I have a latte every day. And then I drink Coke throughout the day,
and when I’m on the lake, I add to that someGatorade. “And he said, “Well, that’s a funny thing,
because caffeine and sports drinks are someof the top contributors to kidney stones. So stop drinking coffee, stop drinking your
coke and stop drinking Gatorade. “And I said, “Well, wait a minute. How do I. . . What should I be drinking?”So first of all, I still have a cup of coffee,
but the main thing he said is water. So this is what we have on the lake a lot
of, we drink a lot of water all the time. This is the main way we stay hydrated. Even in the winter time, when it’s cold out
and you don’t feel you’re all that thirsty,you need to stay hydrated. Drink your water. You’ve gotta have that on the boat. The other thing is, what do I do for the sports
drinks?Well, I did some research and. . . Just dropped that, that’s awesome. It’s wet, okay, it’s wet. Slippery, okay. Thanks. But what we found, we did some research and
discovered that coconut water is a viablealternative to sports drinks. Now I’m not saying that it’s an exact replacement. Again, I’m not a nutritionist. But, looking at it online, it turns out that
this is a pretty good replacement for sportsdrinks. Thing is, I don’t like coconut. I really don’t, I don’t like coconut in anything. So I was real hesitant to try it, but it turns
out coconut water tastes a lot like water. Just water, plain old water. Which is the cool thing about that, means
they can flavor it, anything they wanna do. So in this one here, this is my favorite,
it’s chocolate. It tastes very similar to chocolate milk,
which is nice, I’ve got a sweet tooth. So that’s really good for you. And then other flavors they have, they come
in all sorts of flavors, like this one ispeach-mango. They come in strawberry, kiwi, fruit punch,
all kinds of stuff. Try them out, try the different flavors, you’ll
find you really like them. But it’s got a lot of the rehydrating properties
in them that sports drinks have. All right?So definitely try these out, I think they’re
better for you than sports drinks, you’renot gonna have some of the long term issues
that I had. But that’s what we like to have, that’s what
we like to try on the lake. Now it’s your turn, tell me what you like
to eat while you’re on the water. Leave a comment down below and let us know
what you think. Thanks for watching and have
a great day.

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