Fishing Tips – When the Temperature Drops

Now that it’s officially fall, it’s time to start discussing some fishing tips for when the temperature drops. When the weather becomes cooler, fishing becomes a little more challenging. This is fine though, because the fall fishing season has so much more to offer like less anglers on the water and hungry fish, to name a few.

When the temperature drops, the following fishing tips will help you catch more fish. None of these tips are over complicated; in fact they’re all quite straightforward and to the point. In my twenty five plus years of fishing, I’ve found that the simplest things are the most important. I mean, all we’re doing is trying to catch some fish, right? My experience shows me that the simplest things are the most effective.

The first thing to keep in mind when the temperature drops is to pay attention to the weather. In the fall of the year the weather can change quickly in many parts of the country and these changes can affect not only the fish, but also the fisherman. Let’s focus on the fish right now. The weather has an incredible impact on the feeding behavior of fish. When certain frontal systems move through your fishing area, the fish will be more or less active. As an angler, you need to learn the simple ways in which the weather impacts fishing.

The next thing to keep in mind is that as the temperature drops, fish sense this change and begin to feed heavily before the long, cold days of winter. This means that live bait works well. When using live bait, there is no better way to “rig” it than with gang hooks. Gang hooks are two small hooks tied in tandem, which allow you to present live bait in a completely natural manner. This is especially true in the case of worms. Gang hooks and worms (either synthetic or live) go together like a hand and a glove.

Speaking of gloves, as the temperature begins to drop; every angler should have access to a pair of quality fingerless gloves. Quality fingerless gloves provide protection for your hands, yet leave you fingers unfettered for fishing. This may be the best of the fishing tips in this article. As I’m sure you know, being able to feel your fishing line with your fingers is very important when fishing. Many times fingerless gloves can also be worn under your “regular” gloves for added protection. Keeping your hands warm while fishing is extremely important, if you want to enjoy yourself that is.

The bottom line is that these simple fishing tips will help any angler catch more fish when the temperature drops. Use one or all of them and find out for yourself just how effective these fishing tips are. Remember: in fishing, just like in life, many times the simple things are the most effective. And never forget what Steven Wright said of us anglers, “there’s a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot.” As an avid angler, I would have to say that no truer words have ever been spoken!

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