Fishing Tubes For Smallmouth Bass |18 Oregon Smallmouth Bass!!

Hey All, Nick here again with AnglingAddictsPNW.

This Is Smallmouth Bass Fishing In Oregon! I CAUGHT SO MANY FISH

In this video I head back up to the Columbia River Gorge to do more Pre-spawn Smallmouth bass fishing and absolutely kill it out on the water! I ended up catching 18 smallmouth and some nice ones too!

Since there were so many fish caught, I had to do a lot of editing to keep the video within a watchable timeframe. Let me know if you’d rather see a longer, not as edited version of videos and we can do some of those as well.

Kevin Wilson (From The Angling Addict Fishing Team) joins me for a few and manages to catch a bit of video of me losing my tool in the water and also slipping and falling when I was carrying a bass on the boulders.

This trip was by far way better than my last trip up here.. the weather was nice, the temps were perfect and the fish WOULD NOT STOP BITING!
I have already caught more bass this season (Largemouth and Smallmouth) than all of last season combined, I’m sure the rest of the team could almost say the same… but I have a little more time available to take off for a few days and sleep in my rig and to be able to fish all day long..

In this video I was basically fishing tubes for smallmouth bass the whole time. They have been so reliable for me when it comes to fishing this area.
I think the next time I go back I will try mixing it up a bit and see what they seem to be interested in and what not interested..

Thanks for the support, without our viewers, we ware just some guys running around fishing and recording themselves lol

We love you guys,

Nick Roberts (AnglingAddictsPNW Founder)
And Crew

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