Flipping a Jig for Prespawn Bass

There she is. Thats why you skip a jig on docks during the prespawnI’ m gonna come back thereall rightz-man cross eyes flipping jig big old fat
free spawner that’s why you want to flipa jig on lead in banks whether it’s boat
dockswhether it’s lay downs we just got
another bite on the grass bed when thatwater temperatures over about 52 they
gonna start coming back in thesespawning pockets. It’s a nice fish let
her go. A term I use a lot throughout theentire year really but especially pre
spawn and post spawn is short pocketsand by short pockets I mean pockets that
have maybe eight docks in them and it’sright off the main lake and now the
reason that I focus on those in the prespawn is because oftentimes you’ll find
the first shallow bass of the year in inthese short pockets and I say that
because the Creek or river channel isn’tbut a hundred yards away
so they can respond quicker and easierto slight temperature changes as the
water warms up now over my shoulder backhere is where the bass are going to go
eventually to spawn. It’s sand as you cansee on the bank it’s a sand flat and
it’s a south-facing short pocket andbass for whatever reason really like to
spawn on the south-facing pockets sowhat I’m trying to do is just intercept
so I know they’ve been in that thatriver channel behind me and now is it’s
warming up I know where they’re going sothey got to be somewhere between on this
150 yard zone right here and of coursethe easiest and most obvious targets are
docks or lay downs or grass anything. Myfavorite bait for fishing these little
short pockets because I’m trying to pickpick these fish apart they’re not always
going to be reactive to a moving baitthis time of year waters still pretty
cold they’re stillpretty lethargic sometimes you have to make them
by a little bit so I like fishing asmaller jig I use about half ounce size
the one I’m using today happens to be aZ-Man cross-eyes flipping jig and it’s
got a real tight compact profile itdoesn’t get hung up easily
and for the trailer I chose to use areally subtle tight kicking action. I’ve
got a zoom ultra vibe speed craw onhere I’m sure we all got a couple packs
laying around somewhere and there oneof the best wintertime or very early
spring jig trailers you can use becausethey displace enough water but they
don’t overwhelm those lethargic fish andturn them negative on you it’s just real
nice and subtle but it still gets justenough attention to getting a lot of
bites something else you can look outfor this time of year in our early
spring late winter actually any time thewaters below sixty degrees are these
metal boat and jet ski lifts they hold alot of heat. Even if the Sun peeps
out for a couple hours on these drearydays they hold a lot of heat and the
bass right up next to them it’simportant to understand that this short
pocket deal when you get on it it’s veryeasy to duplicate through out a lot of the
lakefor instance one day like in the when
the water temps I don’t know 50 to 52degrees when it’s just starting to warm
up and get in that pre-spawn mode youmight get on a pattern where you’re
catching them in the front house ofshort pockets and then mid fifties
you’ll catch them maybe in the middle ashort pocket as you get closer to 60
probably in the backs of the shortpockets so it’s very easy to
replicate like I said you can really runit Lake wide and get pretty dialed in on
these fish very easy pattern no matterwhat your skill level is you
you can catch them doing this

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