Fly Fishing Montana Blackfoot River: October

– Oh boy, that’s a big fish. – Big fishNarrator: Welcome to Fishing with Ladin with Ladin Langemanand Co-host Steve RonholtYou could buy that expensive tackle that you think that you might need. You can head out for the river and hope you might succeed,but if you want to fish just right, just turnyour TV on, come on fishing with Ladinhe’ll get your fishin on. Yeah, come on fishingwith Ladin and you’ll have some fun,casting a fly in Alaska on the wild Yukon. Or catching Trout and Salmonin good old Washington. Fishing with Ladin,casting with Ladin, man that’s a lot of fun. fishing with Ladin, casting with Ladin, man that’s a lot of fun!Ladies and Gentlemen, we are on the Blackfoot Riverwe’ve got a gorgeous October day. What do you Think Steve? It is beautiful and we got a great reportthat dry fly action is happening so we’ll hope it isWell, stick around I think it is going to be a great show. I hope so. I kind of like that water right there. Yeah, I see areally good bigger hole up there but what do you think of this little one?I was talking about that big hole butyeah, let’s try this, that looks great. OK, let’s do it. I just saw a fish rise I thought. Can you see your fly? Do you see that to Clint?That’s a fish! Bigger thenLife. Nice job! We have a beautiful day here in midOctober. Got to the Blackfoot river andsaw a likely looking hole, threw out that hopper dropper. I thought it was a smaller fishbut when I finally saw it, it started to fight and I realized that’s no small fish. that’s a great trout. That’s a good fish. -Yeah it is. Very nice, that was cool. Oh Yeah. Gosh, there is a little more powerto it than I thought. Boy, it’s a good one. Wow, a lot better than I thought. Nice fish, he is actually on the nymph isn’t he?Wow! Cool. That’s a big fish. Yeah it is. Is it a cutt or a rainbow? It’s a rainbow. Oh, he came out! Wow, he jumpedout of the net. I thought he came in a little to easy. He was in the netand just did a burst. Alright Steve. Let’s get him this time. I will try I saw the huge fishrise and I caught the small fish, but, a fun fish. Awesome. I going to try make quickof this guy. Of course, should never say that. Oh shoot!That it’s been rising right there. You’re right on it. Oh yeah, I see him. He’s takingemergers. He’s just below the surface. There’s more than one in there too, I think it’s two different fish. There’s another one. You got it! Nice! Wow!Good job Steve. Thanks. Good job Steve. Thanks. That was on the nymph. Very cool!I think I’m going to switch to one of those emerger patterns really quick. I think I have that same fly that you caught in on. Nice sized trout. Beautiful cutty,and he took that dropper. Nice what a fish! Incredible!He’s got a marking on his like he maybe got hit by something. Beautiful fish, really fat and healthy. Off he goes. Man, this water iscold too. We are here in early October andthe nights are getting cold it probably came close to freezing last night so this wateris a beautiful temperature for fishing. Incredible. Narrator: Steve and I quickly made the switch to Blue Winged Olive Emergers. This hole we have been catching fish out of is not justjump out at you saying there is fish in there, but it does have a good look to itand it could be overlooked like a lot of people who might walk by it. So, we gave it a shot and it is paying off. I saw a head way ou there. There he comes again; did you see it. I saw him, my fly went right over the top of him. Narrator: Steve made another cast towardthe rising fish. Ooh that’s it! You caught it!Blue winged Olive Emerger. I knew it was right there you could see itrising. I have the net so that’s perfect. It’s right here. Good fighting fish man, good fighting fish. Wow, Awesome!Here he comes. Nice! Gosh that’s a beautiful cutt!I cannot believe the size of fish in this river. Wow!That is cool. Fat, healthy. They don’t look that big when there sipping just below the surface. This cutthroat is a little bigger then the last one I caughtjust an absolutely stout fish,sixteen or so. Look at that thing. He’s ready to go. Man, that was fun that wasfun. I tried a Mahogony Dunn Emerger first because you could see theirjust feeding under the surface on emerger patterns, but itwouldn’t take that so I switch over to the Blue Winged Olive Emerger and uhhit it within the first couple casts. I’ll see if I can get more that way. I started fishing with a little bigger emerger pattern for theMahogany Dunn and the fish wouldn’t even look at it. I switched to this Blue Winged Olive emerger which is a little smaller and that’s what they liked. Good rise right above it. That was a good fish I just saw rise. Yeah!Steve gave me some good advice aboutwatching the emerger. It is really hard to see but that thing hit so subtlyMan, there hard to see. Narrator: I worked the cutthroat toward me and got readyto net the fish. Beautiful. little cutt. And all the ones I catch are kind of mediumto smallish, but man it’s a lot of fun. Alright another fish, beautiful. Narrator: I made a cast back intoproductive hole as Steve was working just down river. There he is!Nice call Oh wow That’s awesome. Awesome. It doesn’t look likea likely spot but saw a fish rise andsure, enough he took myBlue Winged Olive and he’s heading off to the races here. You just never knowwhen there is going to be a big fish there. It’s shallow water right on an edge. It doesn’t look like big fish water, but there was a big fish. He’s certainly fighting more then what his size looks like. Steve I’m going to try to get that net for you. That would be awesome. I’m having a hard time catching up to this guy although he’s gettinga little closer now. What a fish huh. Yeah, I hope so. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. Unless he’s foul hooked. oh no it’s a beauty and it’s fair hooked. Yeah beauty. It’s a big rainbow. Wow!Oh yeah, I see him there, that’s a nicetrout. Oh yeah, beauty. In that littleside channel. He’s coming your way. Oh my gosh. It’s big! He’s coming up a little bit now. Maybe you should just keep trying to work him in. Yeah. I tried to get below the fish to makea quick net job of it, but that’s not what happened. It was quite a debacle. Watch out! Watch out!It’s under your feet. Criminy. I think he’s got you!Oh no, he got free. Narrator: Finally, I was able to net the fish. Oh my Gosh!Wow! Almost got snagged but we got it. Yeah, great fight, great fish. Yeah awesome. Thanks for your help. You bet, anytime. Anytime you want that kind of helpJust ask for it. We still got it in though. Alright, we did. The tip of the week is brought to you by Northwest outfitters located at theVillage of Riverstone in Coeur d’Alene Idaho. Oh yeah!Yeah!Nice size guys!I was a little frustrated because my bugs were spun up but thanks to the guysbehind me, they were telling me toget my stuff in order because there were a bunch of fish feeding. So, it was worth my timeto make sure my bugs were in orderfor that one cast. So really the guys in the back of the boat can make it or break itso, this one is on you guys. It’s really fat. I just put on a little behind the same stone fly pattern we have been fishing. It looks like the fly he ate. By keeping the rod tip low and keeping this strong bend it, I canmove my rod left or right and turn this fishes head. So, if he’s fighting me and taking me this wayI’m just going to come around and bring him to this other side. It’s just another way to tire your fish out faster so you can shorten the fight. Enjoy the fight but land these fish as quickly as possible. Because you want to get them back in the water and safe. Any time I can make him fight the current and my rod, that’s going to make him tired. So, I can work him back and forthWe anchored up here because we don’t want to gothrough this good water. That’s why I am just going to try to get his head upSoon I will be able to slide him in. Reallymost places we fish, if you pinch your barband catch and release your fish and check to make surefor the time of the year, you’re going to be good. Darn it!I shouldn’t have been talking so much. I can’t multi task. I kind of like this spot here. This definitely lookslike a good hole. It might be hit a little bit harder. Let’s look for some heads to see if we can see fish rising like that last spot. Uh huh. See if we can nail um. Let’s do it!Narrator: We were casting upriver in shallowwater. Ooh yeah, I got him! Nice!Good job. Thank you. Wooh!That’s fun! That time I just saw thedry go down and just wonk. Wooh. Slippery. OK, here he comes. Alright, let’s get him. arrrgh! Golly, darn it was so closeto the net. It was, not as big of fish but it was a nice one. Yeah it was a good fish definitely. Oh wellsometimes you win and sometimes you lose in this ball game, we lost. I lost. I am a loser. I got a really cool spot herebecause it’s a back eddyand my fly is actually heading upstream. Shoot!Dang it. Narrator: I missed a fishbut would soon get another opportunity. Yep, got him that time. Ha ha ha, knew it was in there, knew it was in there. Yeah, right on this little foam line right here. I just saw my hopper zing outof there, and sure enough there was a fish on the little emerger. I was casting a quarter downstream across into the shallow waterand I hit a big fish. I’ve got the net. OK. This net might not be big enough. This is a hog!Wow! Hog fishon the streamer. I saw him out there and I swear it was that long. Well, what’s this net going to do? I better go down stream of you though. It could be a little while here. Oh, my goodness. Oh, that big browns coming up. Watch there is a rock behind you. OK, are you ready? I’m ready. Gosh, why am I so nervous?I need to get him by the head. Yes! Look at the spots on that thing! That isawesome. That’s the streamerI hooked him on and that fish hit as soon as it hit the water. That was incredible. Wow! I think I’ll be fishing the streamerthe rest of the day. I am too, I’m switching that was awesome. Yeah, I was way upstream here and I hear. Hog, fish on! Fish on man!Well I don’t know if the camera was going when I was castingbut I was standing here casting over to that shoreand it hit right away and I thought it was snagged on rocksBecause I was casting in the shallows, but then it started moving up stream. Oh my goshwhat a feeling. Awesome! good job! Alright, thanks. Narrator: We headed upriver to find new water. Wooh, it is a good splasher. It’s a pretty nice fish. I was just casting upstream in that little soft water between those two currents,when it hit. That was one where I was casting upstream, and it hit beforeit got to far down. It looks like there some nice soft water right out between those two currents. There is yeah. There’s one. Looks like a good one!It’s not too bad I mean it’sabout the same as the last one. I think it is another cutthroat. Decent fish. Yeah, it’s decent. That could be a bull trout. We better keep this guy in the water. I was casting right along the edge and letting it sink and almost dead driftingNear edge? On that far edge. The near edge of the far one. Are you sure you don’t mean the far edge of the near one? Over there somewhere. Steve was fishing and edge, he was fishing edge. Narrator: Afternoon gave way to evening and our time was running short on the Blackfoot. But I had an opportunity for one last fishYeah! Got him? I sure do. Good job!On the Purple Haze. and it is comingfast. I love the iridescent colors of a rainbow. Well, ladies and gentlemen we had a great time hereon the Blackfoot river in Montana. We caught some really nice fishhad a great time. Please join us next week on Fishing with Ladin. Ok, this is not going to be fun. Be sure to join us nest time for more Fishing with Ladin. Because we’re having fun, catching fish!

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