Frog Fishing from a Kayak with Greg Blanchard

What is going on guys? Greg Blanchard
here with Native Watercraft and today Iwant to talk to you about frog fishing
from a kayak. If I were to pick one way to fish for
the rest of my life and one bait only. . . itwould have to be the top water frog. Top
water frog fishing can be the mostexciting way to catch a bass; seeing
those top water blow ups, seeing a fishcome out of the water to eat your bait,
can really get your heart pumping andthat is the reason I love frog fishing.
Specifically, doing it from a kayak issomething that I feel is super
advantageous for us as kayak anglers andit allows us to get to those
hard-to-reach places get under trees forthose pinpoint casts and get back in the
stuff that those big boats just can’tget to. So frog fishing. . . the setup is
probably the most crucial part of frogfishing. You’re gonna want to make sure
you have the right gear to effectivelyfish a frog. Probably the most important
part of gear is the rod itself I like arod that’s 6′ 10″ – 7′ 5″ in length and is a
heavy power rod with a moderate fast tip. So you need that tip to make those
longer casts and especially that tip towork the frog back to the boat – whether
you like to walk it or just pop andtwitch. Now you need that heavy power
because after that tip shuts down youcan see where that rod just stay stiff
and you need that power because ingeneral you’re gonna be fishing frogs in
thick cover, around some heavy stuff thata fish can really hurt your feelings in.
So you need that heavy power rod to beable to wish those fish out of that
cover and get it to the boat quickly. Asfar as reel goes, high speed reel 8 to 1
gear ratio reel. Again we’re looking toget those fish in really quick. . . We’re not
fighting fish with a frog rod, we aregetting those fish in the boat as quick
as possible. As far as line goes, minimum50 pound braided line. As far as the frog
selection goes and colors, I like to keepit simple I like a black frog when the
water is a little bit dirtier or a whitefrog when the water is a little bit
clearer. If I’m fishing the Frog over topof vegetation, matted grass, I’ll stick
with the darker colors. Now frog fishingeven though it is probably the most fun
way to catch a fish, it can also be the mostfrustrating way to try to catch fish as
a lot of the times you’ll have fish thatwill either miss your bait or just come un-pegged. A couple things that you can do toincrease your hookup ratio is first of all, and something thatI’m still guilty of and is a very
difficult thing to master is to wait oneto two seconds after that fish blows up
on your frog before you set the hook. Giving that little bit of extra time for
that fish to eat the bait candramatically increase your hookup ratio
the other thing that you’re gonna wantto have is a good frog. There are tons of
frogs on the market – some good, some bad. The big thing that you’re gonna want to
make sure you have with whatever frogyou choose is a nice flexible soft body.
So when I pinch that frog down with easethose hooks are exposed and when I let
go and it recoils back to its originalshape. A frog that’s too stiff will
definitely be harder to hook fish so asoft bellied frog is definitely key. So
now that we’ve talked about the gearwhere do you fish a frog? Well in general
I like to stay shallow, we’re talkingfive foot or less. There’s two primary
targets that I like when throwing a frog. . . One is when you see overhanging trees
and two is when you see mattedvegetation. Now sometimes you can have a ton of targets and it can beoverwhelming to pick where to throw your
frog. The big thing with frog fishing ismaking observations. . . Find those subtle
differences in grass, whether it be achange in grass, whether it be grass with
more holes in it, maybe grass that formsa point, fallen branches trees that are
around Rock. Notice those subtledifferences when you do get a bite, make
a mental note and try to repeat those inthose areas that have so much to throw at. It’s definitely a skill that developsover time but if you can start noticing
these small differences in cover you canbecome a lot more efficient with where
you’re throwing a frog and ultimatelycatch more fish in a day. So frog fishing is
definitely one of the most challengingways to fish and definitely take some
patience and some practice but it is, Ipromise you, the most exciting way to
catch bass and if you haven’t tried frogfishing you need to give it a shot so we
get a frog tide up the summer and getready to have some fun. As always guys, stay safe out there tight lines.

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