GIANT Prespawn Smallmouth with ACCIDENTAL CATCH

Early giant Lake Erie smallmouth bass in Presque Isle Bay. Went out to do some experimenting with some new to me finesse techniques. In this video I do a lot of finesse swim baiting to try and locate active groups of fish in new areas. I also catch some good fish on a jerkbait, notice the cadence I talk about in the video! Dont forget to like and subscribe!

Gear Used
Jerkbait 6′ 10″ Medium Fast Action –
Swimbait 7′ 1″ Medium Heavy Action-
Jig 7’2″ heavy fast action –
Rod Gloves –

Jerkbait 7:3:1 –
Swimbait 8:1:1 –
Jig 8:1:1 –

Jerkbait –
Swimbait –
Swimbait Head –
Jig –
Trailer –

Swimbait/Jig 10lb-
Jig 15lb –


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