GO DEEP to Catch Bass ALL Summer, Fall & Winter

In the summer, bass move out to deeper water, bass migrate, and many of them stay out there through fall and winter. One reason for this is because bass follow their food, usually baitfish. You want to find a bass? Locate their food and they won’t be far from it. Lots of anglers ask, “Where did the bass move?”. If it’s summer, fall or winter start your deep water search with your maps and sonar electronics. If it’s the fall, they may have moved up shallow, but don’t be afraid to look ultra-deep too.

This is a preview of a full 45-minute seminar on how to catch bass in deep water, where Bassmaster Elite Series angler John Murray covers different seasonal locations (summer, autumn & winter) as well as lures that catch bass in those seasons. In the full video you will also learn:
* Areas to target in these seasons
* What does “deep” mean in your local lake, river or body of water
* long-lining crankbaits
* Tips, tactics and techniques secrets for spoons, bladed jigs, swinging jigheads, jigs and more!

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