GoPro Rescue and the Recovered Smallmouth Bass

Shortly after catching and filming what was my best Smallmouth Bass to date – a fat 4lb, 20 inch specimen – my recent run of bad lack with cameras continued (in the past year I've had a camera stolen and smashed a lens on concrete).
My latest misadventure involved dropping my beloved GoPro HD video camera (minus its waterproof housing) into about 8 feet of murky (and cold) water inside 59th St Harbour on Chicago's south side. Utter disbelief at my stupidity soon gave way to depression as I thought about the footage of the bass that I would never see.
Marking the spot where the camera disappeared below the surface with a rusty snagging hook, I reluctantly left the scene of the mishap, vowing to return the next and somehow retrieve my prized possession.
After toying with the idea of hiring a dry suit and diving after my camera, I settled instead on a plan to use a friends Fishcam underwater camera to locate the GoPro and then scoop it up in a net.
The rest is history, as they say, and as you can see from the footage, sometimes the best laid plans don't always go to plan and a great deal of improvising was required along the way to recovering my camera and ultimately the footage of my bass!




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