How to Catch Bass After a Cold Front

How to catch Bass after a cold front? Well, as you probably know, catching after a cold front can be very difficult. Before you can catch them, you have to locate them. Once you locate them, you have to figure out which lures and presentations they’ll respond to. And, to make it even more difficult, locating and catching Bass after a cold front is different each time. They may not react the same as they have on previous fronts. Bass are challenging… But, maybe that’s why we spend countless hours trying to figure them out.

In this video, we fished the Butler Chain of Lakes in Windermere, Florida. It’s a relatively deep body of water (by Florida’s standards). It has many holes, ledges, and off shore grass beds.

Crank baits (Shad Raps), swim jigs, and spinner baits are great lures to use when trying to locate new fish because you can cover a lot of water with them. And, that’s exactly what worked for us on this day.

Fishing tips in this video:
1. Learn how to fish a Rapala Shad Rap
2. Learn how to fish a swim jig
3. Learn how to find Bass after a cold front

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