How to Catch Bass in Rivers – Current Fishing Secrets

The Tennessee River is where FLW bass tournament fishing pro Wesley Strader grew up, and he’s got a lifetime of experience fishing for bass in the current of rivers and creeks. This is a preview of a full 44-minute bass fishing instructional video available at Until father’s day, signup for a subscription and get a free Under Armour hat! Check it out at

Learn seasonal patterns for how to locate bass all year on your local river system. Learn about how rising and falling water effect the fish. Strader will discuss his favorite baits and trailers for fishing in the river including:
Zoom Super Chunk –
Old School Balsa Baits Wesley Strader Crankbaits –

Watch the full video for river bass fishing secrets, learn to how to catch more fish, select the best bait and color for fishing in current and feel confident and where to find bass in the rivers and creeks.


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