How to Catch Bass in the Early Morning

Early morning is the prime time for fishing largemouth and smallmouth bass. These bass will be extremely active and will strike flashy bait, like spinnerbaits and buzzbaits.

The best time to fish in the morning, varies depending on your location. But as a general rule of thumb, fish are most active an hour before sunrise.

Bass in the morning will be scattered throughout the entire lake, but they will generally be in the open water. The fish will be away from the weeds and vegetation. You will want to focus on covering the most amount of water, to attract the attention of the wandering fish.

Since the bass are heavily dispersed throughout the lake, you will want to use a fast presentation of you spinnerbait or buzzbait. They will usually bite at the majority of the baits, you cast in their direction.

Buzzbaits – provides a flashy target that largemouth and smallmouth bass have a hard time passing up. It is practically weedless and is designed for shallow water casting. I usually start off the morning with this bait, especially during overcast conditions.

Spinnerbaits – can be worked very fast, and are an attractive target to wandering fish. Switch to a spinnerbait if the bass are not interested in the buzzbait, and are striking short.

Overall I use buzzbaits and spinnerbaits 90% of the time in the early morning with great success. However there are mornings when these baits won’t catch any fish. If that is the case the I will switch over to a soft-plastic black worm.

Source by Gordon Casada

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