How to Catch Bass – Tips and Bass Fishing Book Review

There really are so many hint and tips for how to catch bass. Everything you hear will range from the type of bait you use to what type of underwater terrain is at your fishing site. Most do have a certain amount of validity, however there are basic things that many people forget when fishing for bass or any kind of fish for that matter.

1. Your Fishing Venue. Fishing by places like dock ends, felled trees and the pillars of bridges are all top locations. You will normally find that these will turn into great gathering places for bass as well as the bait that they prefer to feed on. One major factor that makes these such great locations is the fact that they all provide essential shade.

2 Whether or not you are looking for largemouth or even smallmouth bass the classic plastic worm and lizard style bait will work extremely well in catching bass. There is such a variety in the different sizes, colors and smells of the bait that you can narrow the perfect bait that you will need at certain times for how to catch bass. The plastic worm over the years has proved to get the biggest and best results over any other type of artificial style bait.

The best possible advice you could get for how to catch bass will always come from the seasoned bass fisherman. They will know how to read conditions and and what types of bait to use in different circumstances. I recently found a fantastic book that was written by a very established bass fisherman and he has written what i believe to be everything you need to know about how to catch bass. I found a review site for this where you can read more for yourself and it is at I found it an excellent review and I think you will too.

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