How to Catch Finicky Fall Goggle Eye/Rock Bass. (Cold Weather Fishing)

Fishing on the James River, showing you how to catch finicky fall/cold weather Goggle Eye, (also known as Rock Bass, Shadow Bass, Northern Rock Bass, and Ozark Bass; similar to the Warmouth), using Garlic Bradley’s Bite Enhancer bait spray and nightcrawlers. We also caught perch and Largemouth Bass this trip using the same bait and techniques. I also tested out my vintage Garcia Mitchell 308 Ultra Sport/Ultra Light fishing reel that was made in the 1950’s.

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Fishing Gear:
Reel: Antique Garcia Mitchell 308 Ultra Sport
Rod: Quantum Torsion 5′ Ultralight:
Berkley 6# Mono Line:
Bradley’s Garlic Bite Enhancer:
Leatherman Multitool Pliers:
Hand Tooled Leather Belt Pouch/Sporan:

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Camera Gear:
Sony Handycam PJ-350:
Vemico 4K Action Cam:
Action Cam Chest Mount:

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