How to Catch Largemouth Bass – Tips to Catch More Fish on Your Next Fishing Outing

Most bass anglers are looking for ways to catch more largemouth bass, and in this article I’m going to provide 3 tips that will help anyone be more successful while bass fishing. In my more than 25 years of fishing experience I’ve found that in most cases the simplest things are the most effective when it comes to trying to catch fish. If you pay attention to the details, and don’t over complicate things, you’ll catch more bass; it’s as simple as that.

You’ll notice that these 3 tips to catch more largemouth bass aren’t complicated. In fact they are quite simple, which means they cam be extremely effective. The first thing we need to understand about largemouth bass is that they are ambush predators. This means that they prefer to ambush their prey from the safety of cover. In many instances largemouth bass are found in and around underwater cover such as timber, heavy weeds, and/or underwater shelves or creek beds. The bottom line is that, although it sounds incredibly simple, we want to fish where the bass tend to be.

Let’s get down to the tips to catch more largemouth bass, shall we?

  • Fish At The Best Times – What do I mean by “fish at the best times”? I simply mean that when bass fishing you want to be on the water at the best times (when the bass are the most active). You see, when bass (or any other fish) are active they are feeding, which is when we want to be trying to catch them. The easiest way to determine when fish are going to be the most active is by paying attention to the weather and moon and planning your fishing trips accordingly. These two forces of Mother Nature have an amazing impact on the activity level of fish. One of the best ways to learn how to catch largemouth bass is to be on the water at the best times.
  • Use The Proper Fishing Line – I’m not referring to a particular fishing line manufacturer for this tip, just that you use the proper fishing line. Many bass anglers use fishing line that’s much heavier than they need to. Use fishing line that’s as light as possible for the conditions that you intend on fishing. If you are going to be fishing heavy timber, obviously you’ll need heavier line for getting the bass out, but if your fishing a light weed bed, lighter line will be better. The bottom line is to match your line to the conditions and size of bass you expect to catch. The lighter the fishing line you use, the less visible it will be to the bass, and thus the more bites you will receive.
  • Use Realistic Bass Fishing Lures – This sounds stupid, but you want to use fishing lures that are as realistic as possible when fishing for bass. The more that your fishing lure looks like the food the bass normally eat, the more bites you will receive. If you want to catch more largemouth bass, one of the best ways is to use realistic fishing lures. Some great choices are the Rapala jointed minnow, the KickTail minnow, and the Jitterbug. These lures are all very realistic and effective for bass fishing.

These 3 tips will help anyone catch more largemouth bass on their next fishing outing. Employ one or all of them sooner, rather than later and you can find out for yourself.

Source by Trevor Kugler

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