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One of the most exciting and rewarding outdoor sports of today is bass fishing. This popular sport has got its “hooks” deep in American skin, and it’s there to stay. The big question is how would an outdoor person, who loves to fish for bass, catch more of the fish? The first thing we need to do is look at the animal in question.

There are six types of Black bass, which is the most common fished, in American fresh water: Largemouth, spotted, smallmouth, Guadalupe, Redeye, and Suwannee. Of these, the most exciting and rewarding fish to catch would be the Largemouth bass. This fish has a large, gaping mouth that can ingest just about anything it wants to eat.

The Largemouth bass has a variable green back, usually with darker green spots and variegated striped. Its underbelly is usually a grayish-white. They grown to about two feet in length and can reach upwards of twenty pounds! They live in lakes, rivers, ponds and reservoirs. Having even a basic knowledge of the animal and its living habits can help you catch more bass.


Bass love structure. Submerged logs, rocks, and even freshwater plants give bass a sense of security. It’s also a place where they can pounce on prey, so fish around these areas in order to be more successful. Another good spot is where a channel flows through a lake. Bass will suspend in these areas to catch food wandering by in the current. Knowing where the fish hide is foremost in catching more bass.


Bass will eat anything, especially Largemouth. How you catch more bass is to know what they are eating in the particular water you are fishing. This can be rather difficult, since you just can’t look under the water and see them in action. If you get a bite with a singular lure or bait, keep using it. If you have years of experience, this process will of course come much easier. For the beginner though, do not be caught up in gimmicks or flashy lures. Bass aren’t fooled by this. If the lure looks natural, moves naturally, and even smells good, he just might go for it. Live baits are a great way to fish, but most bass like to see some action before they bite.


There are so many kinds of lures you can use; we’ll just discuss the four main types, which are Soft baits, Crank baits, Jigs, and Spoon.

Soft baits come in many natural forms, such as worms or salamanders. You rig these with a hook and weights to fish around the bottom and around structures to entice the bass the bite. It must look natural to the fish.

Crank baits are just that, you cast them as far as you can and then crank them in, using different speeds until you get a strike.

Jigs can be used from a boat in an up-and-down motion, or finessed along the bottom.

Spoons are great for grassy or mossy areas, they don’t get as tangled.

Expensive fishing equipment and boats don’t catch fish. Fancy, shiny lures don’t catch fish. It is having a working knowledge of bass; what they eat, how they eat, how they behave, that can help you catch more bass.

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