how to catch smallmouth bass

Outline of fishing

Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship – The Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship is a catch and release smallmouth bass fishing

Smallmouth Bass Fishing on BedsSmallmouth Bass Fishing on Beds
Fishing for smallmouth bass on beds in Michigan during the catch and release season.

SD GFP – Fishing and Boating – Lake Sharpe – Tacklebox – Surveys – Sharpe Bass
Smallmouth bass are found throughout Lake Sharpe, but the best fishing is in the lower half of the reservoir. Smallmouth bass are the second most commonly caught species (walleye are most commonly caught) by anglers in Lake Sharpe. Smallmouth bass spawn in May to early June in Lake Sharpe.

bassackwards-apoc-part-9Bass-Ackwards Apoc Part 9
from guest5d708b, 4 years ago in Self Improvement
The second to last part of my Apocalypse challenge. A little light on lifts but still fun.

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