How To Catch Summer Smallmouth Bass In Rivers & Creeks: Smallmouth Bass Fishing

We couldn’t keep the smallies off our hooks this day! All day smallmouth bass action!


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Smallmouth bass fishing is one of my favorites. There isn’t much that is more exciting than hiking to a creek with light tackle and wading the creek; hitting holes along the way.

Smallmouth bass will hit a variety of baits. Some of the best live baits for smallmouth bass include crayfish, minnows & hellgamites. However, they’ll also aggressively feed on plastics; such a trick worms and creature baits.

If you are wondering how to catch smallmouth bass in rivers or creeks watch the video and pay attention to tips and the locations we are targeting. Generally you’ll find the smallies in deeper holes with flowing water flowing into it. The smallmouth bass will sit in the hole and wait to ambush prey. If you are fishing a river with a good bit of current you’ll want to try to find river eddies (slack water). You’ll generally be able to find pockets of slack water directly behind obstructions such as rocks or bridge pilings. You’ll find river/creek smallmouth bass sitting in the eddies to get out of the current and to ambush prey swimming by.

Another thing to keep in mind when smallmouth bass fishing is the time of year and water temperature. If you are fishing during the summer you’ll usually want to fish deeper water where it’s cooler or shaded areas. A bush or tree overhanging the creek/river provides enough of a temperature difference to attract smallmouth bass.

Hopefully these smallmouth bass fishing tips will help you catch more smallies on your next creek/river fishing trip!




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