How To Fish A Tube: Everything You Need To Know! **GIANT Smallmouth Caught!**

A Tube will catch everything that swims! When you know how to use the different tube styles and sizes, heads, hooks, and colors, the tube becomes incredibly adaptable! They work all year long no matter how shallow or deep you’re fishing. Today Matt and CC put them to work on a pile of 4-6 lb Smallmouth in crystal clear water and take the time to teach you every detail of the technique along the way.

Despite its effectiveness the tube is often overlooked by anglers. Its not as popular as the dropshot or ned rig but if forget to throw it, you’re missing an incredible opportunity! When you learn to mix it in with the other baits it becomes even more effective. Today Matt and CC implemented stubby tubes, heavy wire hooks, and when the bite slowed, mixed in a ned rig to make sure they weren’t leaving any fish behind.

Below is a breakdown of the baits and equipment used and discussed in today’s video. The links go directly to tackle warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of each item. We’ve included the different head styles, tube styles, etc… that will help you become a well rounded tube fisherman.

Today’s Exact Baits…
Matt’s Tube- Big Bite Baits Salt Tube 3.5″ (Green Pump Blk Org):
CC’s Tube- Big Bite Baits Tour Tube 3.5″ (Green Pump Blue):
Ned Worm- Missile Baits Ned Bomb (Green Pumpkin Flash):

Today’s Exact Heads…
Tube: Blade Runner Inhaler 3/16 with 2/0 Hook:
Ned: Swagger Tungsten Flanders Head 1/6 oz:

Favorite Tubes For Different Situations…
Tournament Tube (Skinny)- Dry Creek Tournament 3.5:
Colors: Crazy Eddie, Old Ugly, Green Pumpkin
Standard Tube- Big Bite Baits Tour Tube 3.5″:
Colors: Green Pump Blue, Tilapia, Green Pump Purp Copper
Fat Tube (Double Dip)- Dry Creek Full Body Double Dip:
Colors: Bama Craw, Buzzard Snot, Columbia Craw
Finesse Tube (2.5″): Big Bite Baits 2.5″:
Colors: Green Pumpkin Pepper, Light Melon Perch

Favorite Heads…
-Blade Runner Inhaler:
The BEST head we’ve found for a stout (but small) hook! The 1/0 is perfect for 2.5″ tubes, the 2/0 is perfect for all standard tubes/double dip tubes, and a 3/0 is a great pairing for full size 4″ tubes. Again this is a small hook but heavy wire. You can still set it with standard spinning tackle but there is no fear of ever bending it out on a fish. If you know you’re around big fish, this is the head.

-Bite Me Flat Eye Tube Head:
This has been my favorite tube head for years. Its narrow enough to fit in any tube and has an excellent medium wire hook.

-Swagger Tungsten Tube Head:
This head is small for its size due to tungsten’s density so its easier to fit it into various tubes than its lead counterparts. Its an EWG-style hook, not a round bend. Some anglers prefer one style over another, we’ve been experimenting with EWG this past year.

-Bite Me Tackle Goby Head:
This is the head for fishing deep or cracking a tube! Heavy weights with an excellent medium wire hook.

Matt’s Tube Combo…
Rod- G Loomis NRX 872S JWR:
Reel- Shimano Twin Power FD 3000:
Line- Power Pro Braided Line 10 lb:
Leader- Sunline Sniper 7 lb Fluorocarbon:

Mid Range Tube Combo…
Rod- Dobyns Champion XP 7’6″ Medium:
Reel- Shimano Stradic CI4+ 2500:
Line- Power Pro Maxcuatro 15 lb Braid:
Leader- Sunline Sniper 8 lb Fluorocarbon:

Budget Tube Combo…
Rod- Dobyns Fury 7′ Medium:
Reel- Shimano Sahara FI 2500:
Line- Power Pro Braided Line 15 lb:
Leader- Maxima Ultragreen Monofilament 8 lb:

NEW Tactical Bassin Apparel…
TacticalBassin Reaper Hoodie:
TacticalBassin Shadow Hoodie:
TacticalBassin Sun Shirt:
TacticalBassin Hooded Sun Shirt:

Equipment We Recommend…

Minn Kota Ultrex Trolling Motor:
Humminbird Solix 15 Electronics:
Minn Kota Talons:
Loc-R-Bar Boat Security:

Favorite Storage Box:
Favorite sunglasses:
Frabill Net:

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