How to Fish Rivers and HEAVY Current from Shore for Smallmouth Bass!

BASS SEASON IS OFFICIALLY OPEN! It’s time to chase the footballs and tanks of the St. Lawrence River because bass season is finally open in Quebec! I head out on the first day of the season and go pretty in-depth about how I effectively fish heavy current in a major river to catch those smallies and I focus on how to use the current to your advantage.

This is a longer video and I do talk quite a bit as I run through my tips and techniques for working these tricky conditions and how to work your baits effectively. This is really geared towards folks that are used to lakes and ponds and are just starting or about to start fishing some heavy duty river current and you can use these tricks from shore or from a boat.

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This is also my first video I release in 60FPS as I’m hoping it will help with the quality of the videos and give a bit more detail to the trees, water and drone footage. Hope you like it!

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