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Hey, folks. Glenn May here at BassResource. com,
and today I want to talk to you about theNed Rig. Have you seen this? You heard about
this? This is an awesome little finesse baitthat’s taken by storm in the Midwest, and
now it’s going across the country, and it’scatching a lot of fish.
Now you can just try to find some componentsand try to make up something like this and
try to fish it, but it’s not going to performthe way you want it to. So let me take you
through this rig and really how to get themost out of it.
First of all, what I’m using here, this isthe TRD lure from Z-Man. It comes in this
package like this. I think TRD stands forThe Real Deal, but if you look at TRD, yeah,
it’s the turd bait. I didn’t make it up, allright? I didn’t make up the name, but at any
rate that’s a good way to remember it – TRDby Z-Man.
Thing about this is that it’s made out ofElaztech, and this is what I see. I’ve heard
people on the forums, they say, “Well, I’mjust going to take a Senko and cut it in half
and use that. ” No, don’t do that. That Senkois used for a different type of action, different
type of technique, it’s not going to work,and this the main reason why. This is made
out of Elaztech. Elaztech has a couple of characteristics.
First of all it’s virtually indestructible. Okay. I’ve caught 30, 40, 50 fish on this
without getting it all tore up. Okay. Witha bag of Senkos you’re going go through ten
fish, for a whole bag. That in itself you’regoing to save so much money. The cost efficiency
there is reason enough to buy it. But thecharacteristics of Elaztech really make this
shine for a couple of different reasons. First of all Elaztech is buoyant so when it
falls, it really slows down the fall rateof the bait, it makes it fall enticingly slow.
And in fact, a lot of the hits come on thefall. The bait doesn’t often make it to the
bottom, to be honest with you. But it’s becauseof that enticing fall from the Elaztech.
Second, when it gets to the bottom, it standsstraight up off the bottom like that, okay.
And as you move it along the bottom it’s hoppingalong, it scooting along, it looks just like
a bait fish, nose down feeding off the bottom. Real innocent, naïve, unsuspecting bait fish.
This is bass candy right here. They love thatstuff. And it’s the buoyancy that allows it
to do it. The last thing is Elaztech, when it’s under
water it kind of picks on, it takes on kindof Jell-O type of consistency to it. It shimmers,
it shakes, it undulates and fluctuates underwater. As it falls it’s shimmering as it falls
down, and then when it gets on the bottomit’s moving around. It’s just shimmering as
you’re pulling along. Other type of baitswill sink and just fall and lay on the bottom
of the lake and won’t shimmer like that. Thiswill. It shakes around, and that’s key. That’s
what triggers the bass to bite. Now that’s the bait. What you want to use
is a mushroom head jig. Let’s talk about thejig head for a minute. Okay.
This is a mushroom head jig. That’s what youwant to use with this. And I’ll tell you why.
If you’re using other jigs you can get hungup easier. Mushroom head jigs, they don’t
tend to hang up that much, but it sits flushwith the bait, perfectly flush. So it’s not
going to pick up all the extra weeds and algaeand that sort of thing. But also because of
the roundness to it, it’s a little bit roundin the front, as you’re pulling it up and
over rocks and debris on the bottom of thelake it allows that bait to keep standing
up. It’ll go down but it’ll rock back up tothe top, and it’ll move it along and it’ll
rock back up to the top. Other jig heads, there are standup jig heads,
they force the bait to sit at an angle. Almostall the standup jigs force the bait at an
angle, but this one allows it to rock aroundand then stand straight back up when you bring
it to a standstill. That’s why the mushroomjig is so effective. But don’t get just any mushroom head jig because
with Elaztech, because it’s pliable like thismost jig heads won’t work with it. The keeper
on them isn’t strong enough. It isn’t aggressiveenough to hold this bait in place. So it’ll
keep sliding down your jig head, and overthe course of the day you’re going to get
really annoyed with it, so what you need issomething with a real sharp aggressive keeper.
And you can see Z-Man has put out a new mushroomhead jig for this bait. Look at this. This
is a real sharp keeper right here. That’salmost as sharp as a hook. Very, very sharp.
The package looks like this, just when you’relooking at it, looking for it in a tackle
store. Once you rig it, look at that, it’snot coming off. It holds it in place. You’re
not going to have that with other types ofmushroom head jigs. So don’t try to cut corners.
Don’t try to make do with what you have. Getthe right equipment, the right bait, the right
gear, and then you’ll have the most success. Okay. Now you know about the bait, you know
about the jig head, you know how to put iton, you can see how you thread it on, now
let’s go fishing. All right, so you can see I’ve got the Ned
Rig here. It’s on spinning tackle. I’m usingspinning tackle and I’ll tell you why. The
rig, it’s only one-tenth of an ounce, it’sreal light. So what I want to do is use light
line, and because it’s a light wire hook I’vea medium-light action rod to go with it.
If you use a heavier rod, a heavier line thenwhen you set the hook and you play the fish
back all the way to the boat in the fight,it could end up straightening out the hook
because it’s a light wire hook. So use lighterline. Not only that but I like to use light
line because it gives it a more natural presentation. I’m using 6-pound test on this. Heavier line
will kind of kill the action, so I’m using6-pound. I’d like to use 4 but I’m fishing
in real rocky areas and 4-pound I tend tobreak off a little more often.
Also I’m using copolymer line, I’m not usingfluorocarbon nor am I using braided line,
and I’ll tell you why. Fluorocarbon it absorbswater and it tends to sink. And when you’re
using a real light jig like this it’ll tendto pull the lure down and actually will change
the action of the lure. It won’t give thatnatural action. And I really want it to fall
on its own and act as natural as possible. It’s the same thing with braid. Braid floats,
so braid is going to inhibit the action ofthe bait as well.
So that’s why we’re rigged up this way. Andwhen you’re fishing the Ned Rig, because of
that light wire, setting the hook is reallyeasy. You just reel, you just pull tight.
You don’t have to yard on them and cross theireyes. It’s a real light hook set. Again, medium
light action rod works fine for that, that’sexactly what you want.
So we’re out here fishing some rocks. Alsoyou do, literally you just cast it out there
and let it sink. Just let it do its thing. Let it fall all the way to the bottom and
on slack line. Let it do its thing by itself. Don’t do any action on it and just watch the
line. Watch for any bumps. Watch for jumps. Watch for the line to start peeling off. Or,
say, if you’re fishing in 10 feet of water,if it stops falling after three then you’ve
probably got a fish. Once you get it on the bottom, just kind of
work it a little bit, let it hop a littlebit here and there and see if a fish will
pick it up. Just like that. See how easy thatwas. I didn’t set the hook really hard. And
I’ll tell you what guys, I’m fishing on publicwaters, this is a big reservoir. Public water.
Heavy, heavy fishing pressure. And, oh, mygoodness, this is a good fish. Look at that.
Right on the roof of the mouth. Boy, he ateit.
Public fishing. We’re not on a private lake,heavy pressure, and look what
the Ned Rig can do for you. Great little bait.
Give it a go. For more tips like this visit BassResource. com.

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