How To Maintain and Re-Arm Mustang Inflatable Vests | Bass Fishing

Hi, this is Colleen Becker with Mustang Survival
and I’d just like to talk to you about yourinflatable vests, how to inspect it, how to
make sure that it’s armed and prepared andready to go at all times. So, one of the things
that I really think that you should do ismaintenance on your vest. So, a couple of
things that I would like to show you on thisis how to make sure that your cylinder and
your bobbin are in good working order andhow to inspect your chamber. So, to . . . I would just like to show quickly
on how to inspect the chamber. So, what you’lldo is open this part right here and there
is a tube right here. When you blow into thistube, it will inflate this vest. Inflate it
nice and firm and make sure that this holdsair. As long as it holds air, I like to leave
it set for about ten minutes just to makesure that it’s still firm and then let the
air out. To let the air out, you just turn this cap
over, put it right into here and push theair out. When the air is all out, flip it
back over, cover it up and fold this backover and you’re good to go. You’ll know that
your vest will now hold air. So, a lot ofpeople ask me, how do I know if my . . . when
my cylinder or my thing needs to be changed?So, I like to show them this way. To get to your . . . to where everything is,
your bobbin and your cylinder will go in here. Make sure that your manual pull is not in
here so that it’s coming out of the way. Reachdown in here, grab the whole mechanism with
your hand and pull it up here where you cansee it. Once you have it up here where you
can see it, I always like to make sure thatI take the CO2 cylinder off first to make
sure that it’s not going to inflate on me. So, I take that off, set it aside and then
your bobbin is in here. So, you open thisup and here’s your bobbin. So, if you can see on here, there’s some ribbed
substance in here. So, if that is ribbed andit’s in good condition, you’re welcome to
put this back in and continue to use this. If for any reason this is . . . looks like
it’s starting to dissolve or the ribs areflattened out, this needs to be replaced.
So, if you need to replace it, you can geta rearm kit that looks like this from your
local retailer. Then you take this kit andI’m going to put this back in because mine
was in good working condition. This bobbincan only go in one direction. You cannot put
it in incorrectly and it will line up andwhen it does, it will just fall right into
place, just like that. You take your cover and put it back on and
screw it down just until it stops turning,just to snug. Once it’s there, you grab your
CO2 cylinder, lift up on this little yellowspring part here, push this down in here and
turn it a quarter turn and now this is armedand ready to go. It’s green right here to
show that it’s armed. Push this right backinto place, hold down your manual tab and
put that back into place just like that. Laythis nice and flat, fold this over like this
and now you know that you are all set, armedand ready to go for this season. Thank you.

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