How To Texas Rig A Plastic Bait The Right Way | Bass Fishing

Hey folks. Glenn May here with BassResource. com,
and I want to show you how to Texas Rig aplastic bait. I know there’s a lot of videos
out there and they take you through it reallyfast, so I’m going to slow it down a little
bit for you, and show you a couple littlenuances that make it so it’s a lot easier
to learn, and a lot easier to do. You’ll bea lot more successful with it. First thing you want to do is take your hook
and line it up with the bait. And if you notice,when I do this, look at the eye. It’s buried
in the bait. That’s important, because whenyou take your Texas Rig, your sinker, you
want it to sit flush against the bait itself. So you want that eye buried inside the base.
So line it up, take a look. Now look where that hook is supposed to go.
Down here, it’s right below that appendage. That’s important. Make note of that. First thing you want to do, see how long the
shank is? Look how it is relative to the eye. So it’s a little bit longer than this part
of the hook. The front end is a little bitshorter than the long. Sometimes you can just
bury the hook all the way up to the angleright there, and then start turning, but because
this is shorter you want to go about two thirdsof the way in. So, here we just go dead center, right in
the middle, go in about two thirds of theway, about that far, and then turn. Just like
that. And then as you bring it out, you wantto turn the hook around right about here,
and let’s bury that eye right in. Just likeso. Okay, let’s line it up again, see where we’re
at. Yup. Right about where that appendageis. Right about below that. So that’s a good
place to keep in mind. Now look at the angle that it goes in. It’s
almost straight up and down, perpendicular. So you really, you’ve got to bend this bait
almost straight up like that, and bring thehook point right into it, straight in. Just
like that. There we go. Just like that. Now you got it sticking out like that, so
what you want to do is you want to push thebait up forward just a little bit, and skin
hook that point right back in the bait. Sodo it just like so. There. Now it’s nice and
flush. You’re not going to get any weeds oranything. I’m bringing my finger right across.
You can see. It’s not going to get hookedup. Nice and straight. That’s how you do it. Takes a little bit of practice, but once you’re
done, you’ve done it a few times, it’s reallyeasy. That’s how you Texas Rig a bait. For more tips like that, visit BassResource. com.

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