How You Can Fast-Track Bass Fishing Success


You, the Average Tom weekend angler, are on your way to explore the bass fishing experience in nearby lake. You are perhaps thinking – what are the 5 things you have to do to catch bass and what should be your first steps.

Those are the most obvious questions you will be asking yourself as you are walking towards the lake.

Here is some simple information on bass fishing:

There are mainly three kinds of bass – largemouth, smallmouth and striped. The largemouth bass is a member of the sunfish family. The largemouth bass is a freshwater fish. The habitat of largemouth bass is the upper levels of the warm water of small, shallow lakes and shallow bays of larger lakes.

Top10 helpful Bass Fishing Tips

o You need to use 1/8 ounce weight after positioning yourself in shallow waters and casting deep during spring season.

o You should try to cast your bait down hill for better results during fall seasons.

o Make your worm suspended more than 80% percent of the time

o Keep your hooks sharpened for better results

o To the extent possible, try to be natural and cast your bait in such a way that it is suspended straight in the water

o You must educate yourself to shake your bait and not drag it to make the bass think that it is really a feed and not bait.

o You need to consult with other experienced anglers to identify the correct spot first. This will improve your result.

o Experienced angler recommend to use only basic jig colors such as Brownish black or Blackish blue

o You can use plastic worms fitted with a glass head to lure inactive bass.

o You need to tighten your drag all the way down as you cast for better hooks

Day of the time is very important for bass fishing.

You also need to have watchful eyes on advertisement of bass fishing competition. This will give you opportunity to join competition. You will gather several bass fishing tips and learn new techniques from this bass fishing competition


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