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hey guys bump here in this video I’m at
the Falls of the Ohio of fishing forHybrid bass I’m hybrid bass fishing or
wiper fishing from the bank using jigsjigs are one of the simplest hybrid
bass lures and a great way to catch wiperand many other species on the Ohio River
at the Falls of the Ohio fishing forhybrid bass can be excellent
especially in the spring when the waterlevels are just right I’m going to be
using a medium action nine-foot uglystik gx2 I like to use this rod for
hybrid bass fishing from the bank theugly stik is tough as nails and it’s
super sensitive the 9 foot length letsme get extra cast distance too when
needed especially when using a heavierjig most hybrid bass I catch I can
hoist up on the rocks without worry onsome bigger hybrids I might grab the net
just to be sure I land it I have theugly stik paired with a 3500 series penn
spinfisher reel the zoom curly tail grubsare great on a jig head for hybrid bass
fishing I ran into freaky Frank himselfa freaky Frank’s custom tackle while
hybrid bass fishing as well he gave mesome of his freaky worms to try and man
do they catch fish there’s some of thebest hybrid bass lures I’ve tried and
they catch a lot of other fish as wellI’ll put links to everything mentioned
below in the description let’s go catchsome hybrids so I am fishing an eddy or
current break over a deep hole anytimeyou can find current breaks on the river you’re usually gonna find fish. I’m letting the jig head drop downwaiting about 10 seconds and then
working the bottom the hybrid bass seemto be really hold up on the bottom there
I’ve had the most success sticking closeto the bottom I prefer to use 3/8 to 1/2
ounce jig heads especially when fishinga heavy current like today the heavier
jig heads get down to the bottom a littlequicker and also with the big rod they
allow you to cast a little bit furtherif you need to I’ll put a link down
below where you can find the larger jigheads for cheap online sometimes they
can be difficult to find locally andthey’re a lot more expensive so I like
to get those onlinethere we go. fish on. nice hybridpretty healthy boy
want himyeah there you go I am doing alrightthere he isthey’re liking it slowyeahfeels like a drumno big one big hybrid bassnicenah I can get himYou want him. you can have him I’ve already given him two is it one or I gave the other guy like threehe’s closer now you gotta come
get emnice hybrid bass there
yeah I got a freezer full already I’mgood yeahsqueeze by you here get some water for my handsIf you’re enjoying the video so far be sure
to give it a thumbs up down below andconsider subscribing to my channel it
really helps me outgood one on herekeep it outyep no problemthere it isFinally got a hook set on one with the camera rollingI thought it felt like a drumnice drum there you want himhuhgot another here oh it’s nice hybrid bass
here we go with a hybrid bass or a white basswhite bassnice big white bass look at that boy he’s
healthy nice onethat guy work for freaky Frank’s does that guy work for freaky Franks he’s got theshirt on the hat on he’s fishing with him
maybeso you work for freaky frank’s? you
work for freaky Frank’s?oh okay i thought you might have been I was like. . . you know he’s got shirt on the hat onon he’s fishing with them I’d say there’s
a good chancewell freaky Frank there just gave me his jigs I’m gonna try one of these freaky frankshere got a real big jig head probably a
little too big for this but I don’t feellike tying throw it on here see how
we do he’s been wearing them out thankFreaky frankthere we gonice hybridnice one there soon as the rain starts
keepinggot another one herefighting like a hybridrain has turned them onsoon as it started raining caught two fish in two castsah drumwhat’s that. . . ah you can’t break these thingsah I bought this of amazon but yeah it’s a nine piece or nine foot two piece but I useit for surf fishing a lot because it it
breaks down it’s just wide enough I canget in the back of my SUV sonumber onewhite bassoh my lorda little white bass this would be a big
one at the Salt River it’s about thelittlest damn thing you’ll catch here
on the Ohio but still a little bit offun look at the top of screen I’ll put a link
to the video white bass fishing during thewhite bass run at Salt River a lot of
fun and catch a lot of fish in a singletrip but a little more of a fight here these
big wipers fon the Ohio RiverNice striper here hybrid bassnice one thereanother wiper a little smallerFreaky frank’s tearing em up today. Little guy, little white bass nice onefish onfightin like a drumyep big drumanother drumOhfreaky frank has seen better days down
to my last one. . . hit oh Frank up see if I canget a little more life out of him there. . . he’s on his last leghere’s oneAnother drum, oh no another wiper nice wiperget it way up here oh yeahnice one theresun’s in the dam way. . . there we goso I had a heck of a
time fishing more fun that I’ve had in along time, lost count of the number hybrid
bass that I caught so we end up catchinga lot of different species in addition
to the hybrid bass a bunch of differentwhite bass several freshwater drum
snagged a lot of different buffalo orsmallmouth Buffalo also end up with a
small skipjack and a small sauger laterin the evening I was even able to take
my boys out and get them involved insome of the action as well if you
enjoyed the video be sure to give it athumbs up down below and consider
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