Ice Fishing for Smallmouth Bass! Ft. APBASSIN (hitting the ditch)

– As soon as I did it, I
just go, “It happened again. “- Oh my goodness. – Yes!- That’s how you getter
done out here in Manitoba. – What are we doing today?- Not many people can
say they’ve done thisand accomplished it. Well we’re going to
accomplish it today folks. – Morning guys!Get some light. Today we’re headed north
into the No-fa-meantrying to target
smallies, through the ice. It’ll take a lot of work,
but if we find them,I think it’s gonna be really good. I’m excited to try something new. We haven’t had great fishing
the last two days, butsometimes you gotta swing for the fence,which is what we’re doin. We got about a two hour drive
and then we’ll pop holes foreight hours. We just spent 20 minutes of our lives atClark’s Corner in Pine Falls. We didn’t get chicken and wedgeswhich is one of the main
reasons you should stop here,but they didn’t have any made yet. – Yeah, we just kinda bought. – I don’t know, what’d you get?- Just some sausage sticks. – Show me your sausage sticks. Those look good. – Smallmouth time!- Camera rollin. We’ve been driving for two hours,we’re almost there. It’s gonna be a pretty good
day, minus 10 and not windy. I guess we drill 200 holes todayand find them stacked. – In the last hole?- In the last, in 200 of 200. We made it. We made it!We got a big day ahead of
us, drilling a lot of holes. This guy is gonna be drilling
most of them, am I right?How many holes have you
drilled in your life, like 40?- Maybe 35. – He’s gonna double his
lifetime hole count today. ♪ All I wanna know is ♪♪ Would you get a little closer ♪All right, here’s the game plan. Tow guys on drills, two guys of flashers,and we’re gonna try to find these fishsearchin on some main lake structure. Then we’ll go to some islands, pointsand we what else we could do. Spot number two. We’re looking for that deeper water,but we might have to start
fishing shallower stuff. We’re gonna keep drilling,
if you wanna check for it. Whoa, that’s a lot of ice. – Oh! Oh!- Look, there’s a fish. – What was it, oh, oh!- That’s a smallie! – Yes!- Dude. – That’s a good one. – Yeah!He’s so close to the camera. – Reel and drive on down?- Yeah, we should drive down here. All right, we found some fish. We dropped the camera down and
saw two smallies and wallerall in short order. This lake is shallow, the deepest
we’ve see was eleven feet. We saw the fish in 10 feet on mud. I think if they’re on mud,
they’re probably cruisinga little bit more. We’re gonna try where
that rock meets the road,we’ll try where that mud meets the rock. We’re gonna drill the side of this islandand see what we can get going. What have we got?What have we got?Oh yeah, come one. First smallie, first smallie is up ahead. Oh come on, looks like a pike. Oh, freaking right!Yeah, didn’t take long!There we go, look at
that, that is awesome!Yep, man, good job!- That was turkey action. – That was awkward. – That was super awkward. – There we go. That’s sweet. – There we go!- Boom!- Look at that guy!- Small mouth, through the ice. – A small, small mouth. – Awesome. – Beauty. I wasn’t using a stinger hook. I’m a bit of an idiot,
but he was so aggressiveI didn’t even need it. See ya buddy!- Yeah. I just had a big mark. What on?Ah! – Good one?- Good one. Good one!Love this, this is insane!- This is some
of the coolest fishing,for sure. – Is he in the hole?- No, not yet. – Guys, I cannot
even tell you what it’s liketo catch Smalls out of the ice. They’re just ripping drag,
a little blue gill jigs,that’s what we’re using right now. I got my voice. Sammy D gonna help me land this fish. – It’s a good one. – It’s a good fish. Jay, I got a good one. – Oh yeah!Oh yeah!
– Oh yeah!- There you go
– Oh yeah!Nice 16 incher, two pounder, all day long. Look at that bait I’m using,just a small blue gilled jig
with a little bit of plasticand that right there is
a Manitoba Smallmouth. They say, lift it and hold it. The fish are eating when it’s deadsticked. Here we go, is he coming back?I haven’t caught a bass yet,the other guys have been lighting them up. I switched to a smaller bait. I kept a big bait on it way too long. Yeah, that feels good. Oo. Oo, that feels good. This is a tiny jig so I take my time. This is a good fish. Oh!Come on baby. Oh he popped off. Nice!That a good bass. Awesome. That was a on little poundfish jig. It’s a good sign, they’re
always a good sign. I hope they’re out there
wait for this feast. Normally you’d keep the
jig a little bit abovethe fish is marking there,
you’ll keep it a little bitabove his head because they’re
normally gonna feed up. But that fish, I dropped
the jig down right in front. He eventually got angry at it and ate it. Cards are turning, rockin again. I don’t know what is that grip right now. It’s questionable. Do you actually hear your mark?Oh!Oh!This is a good fish. This is good. Come on. – Look, seven foot water, dude. – That’s fighting
hard, the shallow soil, yeah. – It’s probably
like jaguaring us. – Oh my goodness. This is a good fish. No!- Did you just break off?- No, wow!You gonna eat it or you
just gonna look at it?Yes!Oh, oh. Oh! Thank you. Oh!This feels good. Look how dark that fish is. – That’s a big one. – Wow. – That’s a big one. – That is a nice one. – Dude, right on. – Heck yeah, thank you. – Definitely. – I might be the biggest,
longest fish of the day. Awesome day, we got lucky. Without a camera I don’t know
if we would have seen thoseor found those fish. – That was the key. – The fish were cruising. They weren’t like smallies
that I expected to behunkered down on a wintering spot. They were almost roaming
this rock edge, I mean,around the island. With the camera we saw a
couple fish in the distance,started fishing and these fish were,they acted different but,hovering the bait in their
face seemed to be the deal. Not moving it, and they bit. Thank you for watching,
if you’re not subscribed,you’re probably subscribed already,but if you’re not by some chance,AP Bass and check it out. Make sure you’re following
these guys on Instagram,I’ll link them all. Thanks for watching. Well ya thought the video was over. But, it’s not over. Because we’re with Alex
Parik who’s known forsome pretty good stunts. – Did the same thing before. – What happened?Are you parked on the shoulder?- Dude I gotta pull over. – Dude as soon as I did it,
I go, “It happened again. – Oh my goodness. Did you guys think you were gonna flip?- It was. I thought for a second, yeah. But it happened so quick
that we were just down. – Holy smokes!We’re in the middle of nowhere. Look at this. Oh my goodness. – As soon as I did it, I
just go, “I did it again. “. The funny part is, is we’re on a Sunday inthe middle of nowhere, Candaand I did this once before. I’ve got into two accidents in my life,this is considered an accident. I’ve drove off the ditch twice. Both in Canda, both when I’m tired,after a full day of fishing. We’re actually making progress. We might get the trailer
out and the truck is next,but we still have to get the trailer out. I’m an idiot, still. – But we love him. We love, Alex. Okay, we’re tryin this. – Move up a little bit. – Go slow?- We did one thing. Surprise. – We got it. Alex behind the wheel. Plan has been formulated. It was kind of one of our plans. The plan was to either tow out or give herand giving her wasn’t working sowe’re gonna tow em out. – Start slowly goin Jay. Give her, give her, give her Jay. – Yeah, son, Yeah! – Guys, yes, yes!- That’s how you do it. Get her done up here in Manitoba. – Or you just don’t drive in the ditchlike a freaking idiot!- Good job!Not on this, but you know. – Nice work boys.

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