In-Depth Look | How To Catch Big Smallies With Deep Water Crankbaits

Dave shows you how to catch big smallmouth bass using deep water crankbaits.

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Rods: 13 Fishing
Envy Black 6’10” M Casting:
Envy Black 7’1” M Casting:
Envy Black 7’1” MH Casting:
Envy Black 7’2” MH Spinning:
Fate Black 6’7” M Casting:
Fate Black 7’1” MH Casting:
Fate Black 7’3” MH Casting:
Fate Black 7’4” H Mod Casting:
Fate Black Spinning:
Reels: 13 Fishing
Boss Baitcasting 8.1:1:
Inception SZ Baitcasting 7.3:1:
Concept Z Baitcasting 8.1:1:
Concept E Baitcasting 7.3:1:
Concept C Baitcasting:
Concept A Baitcasting:
Inception Baitcasting:
Concept Z3 Baitcasting 7.3:1:
Concept A3 Baitcasting 8.1:1:
Prototype X Spinning:
Creed K Spinning:
Lines: Sufix
Advance Monofilament:
Invisiline Fluorocarbon:
Nano Braid 8lb:
Nano Braid 10lb:
Advance 832 Braid:
Tackle Storage:
Plano 3700 Waterproof Box:
Plano 3741 Deep Waterproof Box:
Plano 3640 Waterproof Box:
Plano 1819 Big Storage Trunk:
Rapala Jig Box:
Tackle Shop:
Camper: Phoenix Pop Up Campers:
Fishing App (Anglr Bullseye):
Solar Bat Dave Lefebre Shades:
Steel Shad Cooler:
Hard Baits:
Rapala Rippin Rap:
Soft Baits: (Yamamoto)
Shad Shape Worms:
D Shads (Fluke):
Fat Baby Craws:
Flappin Hogs:
Double Tail Grubs:
Single Tail Grub:
Double Tail Hula Grubs:
Swimming Senkos:
Cowboy (Grn Pumpkin):
Ice Apparel:
Striker Ice Climate Floatation Jacket:
Striker Ice Climate Floatation Bib:
Striker Ice Predator Floatation Jacket:
Striker Ice Predator Floatation Bib:
Striker Ice Trekker Floatation Jacket:
Striker Ice Trekker Floatation Bib:
Striker Ice Boots:
Striker Ice Socks:
Striker Ice Defender Gloves:
Striker Ice Climate Gloves:
Striker Ice Second Skin Gloves:
Striker Ice Climate Crossover Mitt:
Striker Ice AntiFreeze Hat:
Striker Ice FaceOff FaceMask:
Striker Ice Women’s Slouch Hat:
Striker Ice Transporter (Rod/Tackle Bag):




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