James River SMALLMOUTH Bass Fishing – Whopper Plopper, Senko & Lizard

We took a trip to the James River for some Smallmouth Bass fishing! This was my first time fishing on the James River. We had a great time and caught a decent amount of fish. It was super hot with very little cloud cover or wind. The temperature was in the low 90s all day. We fished from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm. We threw a lot of different baits and lures throughout the day. I started with a wacky rigged Senko which caught a few Smallmouth Bass. I switched to an 8 inch Zoom Lizard which is what I caught the most fish with. I ended with a Whopper Plopper which also landed some fish. My biggest Smallmouth Bass was caught with the Whopper Plopper. This was my first time using a Whopper Plopper and I was impressed. It’s a lot of fun to throw and the strikes are exciting. My Dad had good success with a Keitech swimbait. We caught around 35 fish between the two of us. The largest fish was around 17 inches. We saw a lot of decent sized Alligator Gar but I could not get them to bite anything. We are hoping to go back next April or May to try catching some big Smallmouth Bass. Shout out to Mr. L.E. Rhodes for guiding us on our fishing adventure!

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