James River, VA Citation Smallmouth

After a 3.5 mile paddle up the James River, Bob the owner of Powerteam Lures, powers up and through some serious current in his Wilderness Systems Ride 115 to catch a 21 inch Virginia citation Smallmouth bass. When he hooks the bass, you'll see how he has to fight the fish in one had while back paddling with the other hand as the bass and current try to pull him into the floodgate waters. What an awesome experience! This big smallie, which turned out to be Bob's personal best River smallie, was caught on a 3.5" Food Chain Tube in Susky Slayer Purple Flake with an extra shot of Hog Tonic. A special thanks to the Appomattox River Company for hooking Bob up with such an awesome Kayak, a special thanks to YakAttack for the camera mount that captured this awesome moment, and a HUGE thanks to Jesse Argenbright and his Dad for sharing their stretch of the river with Bob and telling him where to go to catch his new personal best river smallie! Thank you for the awesome memory!





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