January Shaky Head Fishing

Hey Guys this is Trent from Fish Nemesis and
I’m at the local pond think I will do a littlebit of jigging and I’m trying out a new reel
its a Quantum left handed reel. Never triedit in my life. Thought I would try it out
today. Hey Guys Obviously there not bitingthe jig because its been raining and its like
really dark. So I just decided to switch tothe shaky head and try a jun bug color worm
see how it works out. Hey guys I think I gotone. Oh Yeah Ah its a dink but its a fish.
Little one but hey its a fish, here’s therelease. Alright guys I’m gonna show you how
to work this shaky head worm. So you castit out there. and let it sit for a second.
Let it hit the bottom. and when you get ityou just slightly shake it on the bottom just
slightly. What its doing it’s aggravatingthe fish , It’s like saying you cant bite
me and that’s when you usually get your hitswhen you just shake it real easy on the bottom,
and that’s how you work it. Hey guys I thinkI got one. Yeah I got one. Its a good one
I guess, for this pond it s a good one. Hewanted it. Here’s the release. Hey Guys I
was just pitching this mat and lets see ifI can get one right here. ohh I feel one.
Oh a little one. Ok guys had a good day fishingwere gonna pack it up because its getting
dark. caught em on a shaky head with a ZoomJune bug color, and I like my new reel. Thats

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