Jig Fishing for Smallmouth Bass on Lake St. Clair Michigan

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It was a perfect day for smallmouth bass fishing out on Lake St. Clair in Michigan, there was a nice overcast and a storm front moving in. Not only did I catch some big smallmouth bass, but also a smaller muskie using a 4" Berkley Powerbait Grub in the green pumpkin color. A lot of fishermen throw tube jigs, which is a great soft plastic baits to use, but you can use these Powerbait twister grubs as well. Lake St. Clair is a great lake for smallmouth bass fishing, some say the best smallmouth bass fishing lake here in Michigan.

I also did some trolling with crankbaits, to see if I could pick up a northern pike. I had something really huge on but came off, left a scale on one of my trebel hook, probably was a big muskie. Have to admit I never seen a fish move that fast! I also caught a beautiful silver bass that day!




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