Jigging for Smallmouth Bass – Smallmouth Bass Fishing

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Nice smallmouth bass and a bonus walleye!

Today we're jigging for smallmouth bass in Lake Erie, Buffalo, New York. We're fishing with tube jigs and caught some large smallmouth bass and even a nice-sized walleye as an added bonus at the end.

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The great thing about early spring fishing is that you get an opportunity to catch a 5, 6, or even a 7 pounder. Big smallmouth bass move closer to shore in the spring because they are looking for bait fish to eat and they are getting ready to spawn.

Today we have decided to run tubes. Because these bass are feeding on bait fish, my tube of choice is a smoke coloured tube.

The lake today is calm and flat, so we're going to toss out and work our way around this structure to see what we can get.

The average size fish this time of year is about 3 or 4 pounds.

This smallie just showed us that it is indeed eating bait fish by coughing one up. This is why I like any of the darker coloured tubes. The smoke tubes or the darker greens work really well. As an added bonus, the smoke tube I'm using right now has some red fleck in it which is a nice attractant.

Usually when there's one smallmouth bass there's always more.

When out fishing, you should always run your finger along your line in between fish, to check for nicks. This 10 pound fluorocarbon line is probably equivalent to 2 pound because of the nicks in the line. To fix this, just retie your bait.

Please excuse the horrible wind-rumble at the end ; we are upgrading our equipment.

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As always until next time, good luck and good fishin'!

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