Jigging Spoon Fall Smallmouth Bass with the Stingnose – Advice on Fall Jigging for Bass

We’re out on Lake Erie today, early November, and we’ll be working some jigging spoon magic as we jig up those fall smallmouth bass.

I’m out here in about 44 to 45 feet of water. The water temperature is about 54 degrees Fahrenheit, as the water is starting to cool down for the year.

For jigging spoons, I’ve chosen to rig up the new Stingnose jigging spoons. The key to the Stingnose jigging spoons is that they are very realistic looking, and they have the hooks located on the head of the bait – right where the fish will hit.

If you want to get your own Stingnose jigging spoons, you can get them here:

We’ll be working these jigging spoons letting them hit the bottom, then jigging them up about a foot from the bottom. That should put us right into the zone of the fall smallmouth bass.

In October/November, or just in the fall in general, the smallmouth bass start to school up the deeper water as they head down to feed up for the water. We might venture down into the 50 feet range depending how the day turns out. The smallmouth bass are feeding up on smaller bait fish, so the Stingnose jigging spoon should be just perfect for the job.

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As always until next time, good luck and good fishin’!


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