Just Bass Fishing with Kriet and Middleton

– In today’s episode
of the Fisherman’s Handbook Wade Middleton is
sharing the boatwith lifelong friend and B-A-S-S
elite series pro Jeff Kriet on Lake LBJ in central Texas. The two are looking
to fight the wind and overcome obstacles
to catch a few fish. – We might not catch a
bass but we’ll have fun. – We’re gonna catch a bass man I think I feel,
really feel like I’m— I have three rods out,you’ve already got 14 back here. – I feel like I’m taking
it to you today man. – You know today was
one of those rare days, especially this time
of the year for us, that we both can find
a day in our scheduleswhere we had an
opportunity to go fish. He’s coming off a tournament
over at Ross Barnett, I’m coming off some travels
from turkey hunting. There was a day in our schedule,so we decided to
go bass fishing. And it just so happened we
decided to pick Lake LBJ. And the weather conditions,
it didn’t matter. We were gonna go
fishing no matter what mother nature was
gonna throw at us. – Neither one of us had
a lot of experience here. There’s been some
grass in the lake so we thought well we’ll
get out really early. I drove down last
night and got a hotel, and we’ll get on the
water at daylight and we’ll go out and
we’ll fish some grass, maybe catch them on a
Big Bite Cane Thumper, or a swim bait or
something like that. I showed up at the boat
ramp to meet the guys, and I mean there’s four
footers rolling in there. So okay we’ll go find a
better ramp to put in. Well needless to say this
is no lie, no exaggeration,we drove a complete
circle around the lake, and almost ended back to
where we were gonna put in. So we lost about probably almost
two hours of fishing time. – It’s like babysitting a two
year old when he gets out here we can’t get anything done. We’ve driven around
the lake for two hours. Shad’s fun is over. No life jacket, we don’t
know where we’re going. But I bet we catch a bass. There’s some grass,
a little bit. It’s gonna top out at
about five, six feet. Let’s just kinda go
down this way hereif you’re good with it. – It’s probably
been a couple years since I’ve fished with Wade. I think we filmed a showat the lake we both
grew up on, Lake Murray,and I had a pretty good
day and I think we may have filmed one at
Falcon two or three. We used to try to do
a couple shows a year. He’s so busy and I’m so busy nowthat we just don’t get a chance. – Fish on the first one. – It came off.
– He came off. – That was a
good one, wasn’t it?- It felt like a
pretty good one. – I saw that. I mean, three cranks and whack. – You know, the
funny thing about itwhen we finally got in the water we ended up going
all the way backto the place where I
wanted to start anyway. Down by the dam. And so we eased in
there and we’re throwing some crank baits around,
throwing some jerk baits, throwing some Cane Thumpers and you know, lost a couple,and I’m thinking god we just
missed the best bite of the day I mean the first hour or two anywhere you’re around grass
you’re gonna catch fish. – There’s a big’un
if didn’t come off. That’s a big’un. – Team
Kriet/Middleton O for 23. – I was kind of a little
down, but let me tell you, Jeff immediately, from the moment we put
the boat in the water, he wanted to go
target boat docks. – I feel like we’re
gonna have to catch ’em on docksjust because the front, and I’m sure they want
to be in shade, you know? – We just had
to come in Autumn, and I felt like, and
I’m sure Wade did too,that the way to catch them today would be to get
where you could fishand go fish some
docks, you know? That’s what we did. – Nice. – I think we’re gonna
land one finally. I think we’re gonna land one. – That’s a good one,
dude, don’t lose him. – That’s a good one. We’re finally due to get one. We’re gonna catch one. – Catch him Wade. – We’re gonna catch one!
– Catch him, buddy. – That’s
a good fish, man. Nothing wrong with that. – Heck no. Hey, gimme some. We’re O for 10. – Man hug, man hug. – I’m feeling better now. – Here’s the deal. These fish all spawn
on these docks. You know they do
on the walkways. Am I right or am I wrong? – Yep. – So they live on
these docks year round. Agreed? You can never go
wrong fishing docks. There a bass on a dock
somewhere all year round. – Yeah, you just have
to find which ones they’re on. – Fish on? – Oh a bass!We captured another one. – We got up here
where we could fish. – Got you. Got one. – The dog’s
not impressed. – I am . That’s fun, is
what that is, man. – When we come back, the search for the
right docks continuesas Wade and Jeff target
more Lake LBJ bass. – The
Fisherman’s Handbook is brought to you in part by Cabela’s, it’s in your nature,Yamaha Marine,
reliability starts here, Ranger boats, still building
legends one-at-a-time. – You know, LBJ was
the choice today because it’s a great fishery. I get to spend about
two, maybe three days a year up here. Jeff’s only been here one time. But it’s a lake
that really sets upfor a fun lake to fish. It’s not too big, the
wind was gonna blow,we could find some
places to get out of it. And I knew we had an opportunity once we got up here to
catch some big fish. Big one, dude.
– Big one. Another big one. Look at all the torn up grassfrom where we were demolishing. I just sat there and
held him and he swam out. It’s not going. – Yeah it is, it’ll take it. Alright, we got our selfie. – When you start
talking about a boat dock lake. A lot of the lakes that make
up the Colorado river chain,LBJ, Marble Falls, down
to Travis, Lake Austin, you know there’s boat
docks everywhere. So it’s a target-rich
environment. But you know, fishing boat
docks is not something where you just go
along and you just pitch it out in
front of the dock and hope you’re
gonna get a bite. Yes, you can catch a
few fish like that,but the reality is,
good boat dock fishermenthey know how to dissect a dock,they know the key docks
for the time of the yearbecause they do change, and they know how to
pick the right bait. – Got him, got him? That was a big’un, dude,
that was a big’un wasn’t it? – That was a war. We knew it was gonna happen. – Oh it’s gonna happen a lot. – They don’t
like brand new painted and stained docks. – Oh you’re
right, you’re right. – See he had moved
to the old neighborhood. There’s something
about the stain causing the pH to go
down and go wonkers. – See that’s the
thing about you, you know? – I’m thinking. – Yeah, you’re
a thinking guy. The thing here is these docks
on LBJ are permanent docks. They’re not floating docks,so the biggest key when you
fish a lake like this with docks is you have to figure out
which docks they’re on. There are thousands
of docks on this lake. It’ll usually be a depth thing. It’ll be the angle of the bank. It’ll be are they main lake
or halfway back in the creeks? Are they halfway
back in the pockets?Where are they? So we kinda dialed
in right then. Okay, we need to be about
maybe the first quarter or first half into the creeks and the docks need to be
in about four and a half, five foot of water on sand. – I can’t tell how big he is. I never did see him. Another keeper. – God they pull so hard. – Yes they do. – Dude, why didn’t you take
me to this cove earlier? – I had to let you
get your mojo on. Fishing’s fun again! – Funny how it works. – I love fishing. – You know the baits
we were throwing were Big Bite in orientation. We’re both members of the Big
Bite baits fishing lures teamand we were throwing
the squirrel-tail worm, the coon-tail worm,
and their finesse worm and they’re all perfect for
the types of applications that we were using. I was throwing the
coon-tail on a shaky head a little bit early on, but once it become prevalent
and Jeff dialed this in that it was gonna be
a wacky worm bite, I mixed it up between
the squirrel-tail
and the finesse worm rigging it wacky worm with
a little weight in there and you could skip that so far back up underneath the docks in those types of situations. And then it’s just a
matter of holding on, because you’re gonna
get a lot of bites when it’s that right
time of the year to throw that presentation. – Got him. He’s on the end. It’s a good one, dude.
– Pretty good one. – Nothing wrong with that. – He was out there on the end. Them fly fry garters. – Good job. – I don’t
wanna waste my bait. – Stay on there. Yay for Wade, yay
for Wade, yay Wade. – I love to
throw wacky worm. I love the bite, dude, it’s
one of my favorite bites. – And
after the break, Jeff shows the particular
way he’s rigging his bait and how it helps
him land more bass. – The
Fisherman’s Handbook is brought to you in part by Garmin, the power of simple,Big Bite Baits, designed to
bring the big bite to your line,PowerPole shallow water anchors, swift, silent, secure, SPRO, sports professionals. – You know, fishing
with Jeff who, not only is one of my
oldest friends alive, he’s also a great Bass
Master touring pro. So, not only do I get
a chance to go out and fish with somebody
that I’ve fished with since I was 10 years old, I get to go out and fish
with an elite series pro. So those are special
times for me,when I get to be
out on the water because I’m learning. He has seen and
experienced so many things at the highest
level of competition that it is any time he
starts talking I’m listening. – This is just a Big Bite,
just a finesse worm, tilapia. And what I do here, I
put a nail in the head. You can see the
nail right there. Okay, I put the
nail in the head,now what I’m doing,
since I’m skipping a lot around these docks, normally you just rig a
wacky worm like that, okay? But we’re going so far
underneath those docks you’d be hung up every time. So here’s what you do, and
this is an important deal. You have the head of
the nail in the fat end. I’m gonna come up here,
take a bite there, and I’m gonna rig a
Texas rig like that. Now the reason you always
need to have your hook bend your hook toward
the head of the nailthe reason is, I learned
this by trial and error, if you rig it the other way, because common sense would say
go to the fat part in therebut the deal is the
fish is 90% of the timegonna eat it when it’s
falling down headfirst. So if you have your hook
flipped around the other way when you set the hook you’ve got to spin
that hook in his mouthand you will lose a ton. I would 10-to-one rather
just rig it open hooked, but these fish are so
far under this dockyou would stay hung up. You would break off 400
wacky worms in a day. And I’m just using a little
one ought TroKar hook. And that’s just a straight
shank TroKar hook. But rig it like that. Remember, see how the
hook is going down? Like that. And your nail is this way. So rig the hook toward
whatever side you weighted. Makes all the
difference in the world. – Get him, get him.
– Got him, good one. – Grr.
– Big one, dude. – That was a good one. – Got him?Is that a fish? – Golly.
– Good one?- Yeah, took me underneath that. I couldn’t do anything with him. He took me under that,
really hard in that wind. He took me underneath
that stairs. Here’s the thing about the
way we were fishing today. As far back as those fish
were underneath those docks, I mean they were way back. You’d have eight or 10
poles back with crossbars, and a lot of the bass would
come against the bulkhead or the bank and
underneath the dock. So you try to get lined upand you try to fish
around the cross members and things like that
but it truthfullyis kind of a low
percentage deal. – That’s a good one. That’s a grown one. – Aw, it’s headed
to the power pole. – He’s on the
other side of the boat. Now he’s coming your way. Ah, that’s a big one. Think we lost him? – That’s a freaking
six-pounder, dude. – That’s a big one. That was a big one. That was a giant. – Losing fish
when you’re fishing docks to me is part of the game. If you’re taking
a bait and you’re skipping it into that
type of a jungle, I mean, when you look at
a dock at a lake like this that’s at constant level, there can be 30 and 40 poles, there’s crossbeams,
there’s jet skis that are hanging in the water. There’s limbs that
are up on the shore. There’s ropes, there’s ladders, there’s all kind of obstacles
that are under the waterso you’re skipping that
bait up under there and that bass takes that bait, and you set the hook, he’s got a lot of options
to wrap hisself up. You’re gonna lose some. And it just so happens sometimes one guy’s gonna get lucky
and the bass swims leftand one guy’s gonna get unlucky
and the bass swims right. I got a little bit
luckier than Jeff did on a few of those
big ones today. – Got him. Oh it’s a big one.
– Oh it’s a real one. – It’s our show fish. Here he comes. Come here, buddy. Dude, he was so shallow. He should be like side-fishing
a red fish right there. – Look at that dude, somebody
else already had him hooked. – Wow, they lost him. – We’ll get us a picture of him. – Coming up, the
duo keeps the pressure on as they swing more
fish into the boat. – The Fisherman’s
Handbook is brought to you in part by Sunline American, the strength to guarantee
your confidence, Engel Coolers, a
legend in reliability, Bubba Blade, the ultimate
sportsman’s knife and carving machine. – You know, not
only am I fishing with a member of the industry, and you look at
Jeff and I’s tieswe’re on Team Cabelas together,we both use Garmin, we
both use Big Bite Bait , we’re a part of the
Yamaha marine staff, we got a lot of great
professional tiesas well as those personal ties. So you can get the
opporunity to go out and shoot a show
that’s educational and beneficial for people, but you also get to go fishing
with one of your best friendsthat’s just a big check
mark in today’s world. – I don’t think he’s
very big, is he? – I think so. – No, he isn’t. – Oh, I thought he
was bigger than that. I did, I thought he was
a three or four pounder. Nice pirouette. – So if you catch
one that’s not big, it’s just always important
to add a little pizzazz. – Add a little pizzazz. – Just a little bit . – I kinda was like,
Fishing with the Stars, is that a dance move
that they’re gonna judge?- Mean, just something,
you know what I mean?Make it special. – I was impressed;
I was impressed. I don’t think I’ve
ever seen that move. – We always talk about
our favorite ways to fish. One of my favorite ways
to get a bite, no doubt, is on a wacky worm. There’s something
about that bite. A lot of people think, oh
that’s sissy, and all that. When you skip that thing under and that thing’s falling,
and that line just tugs and you pick up and
he’s sliding all . . . I love that bite. I mean, it’s one
of my favorites. I like it almost as
I like to punch grass or throw a trap or whatever. It’s just, to me,
it’s a great bite. And you get a lot
of bites on it. Everybody now
wants to just throwlike they’ll throw a wacky rig, but they’ll throw
a big stick worm. And that’s fine, but
it’s something now that not that many people do. When I first started fishing,man we always threw a wacky worm just a finesse-style worm. And it still gets
a lot of bites, and it still makes
me a lot of money, so if I could I would
fish til dark tonight and I would do it
all over tomorrow. I cannot get enough of skipping
that thing under a dock and feeling that
line just . Oh I almost threw there! I almost threw there. – That was a line
jump fish there. – Because I go man, do
I through underneath or between that
dang jet ski deal, or do I throw in the other? Because I know
there’s one there. Ah, bad choice on my part. – He’s choked it too. – Dang it. – I absolutely love targeting
fish in this type of a manner. I’m a target guy. I like to throw at something. I mean, there’s like 40 billion
docks it seems like out hereand there’s like 30
poles under every dock. So, at every angle,
at every turn, you’ve got something
to throw at. And we had Logan out here
shooting the B-boat stuff,we had the drone flying around, we had Kevin jumping
from boat to boat, so we had about the
perfect bass fishing day. We caught a ton of fish,
we caught some big ones, we caught them in a
way we like to fish, and just a great day and
a great time on the water. – I fish full-time. That’s what I do 100% of
the time for a living. I fish the Bass Master
leads and all that stuff. And I had as much fun today as I’ve had fishing all year. For a couple reasons. One, Wade’s been one
of my best friends literally since we’ve been
eight or 10 years old. We have fished together. We learned how to
bass fish together. That’s all we did was fish, so it’s always fun to get
back in the water with Wade. And the other deal is there
was no pressure today. We just had a good time. We fished a pretty
slow pace, pretty easy. There’s was times
we just kinda idled around to the next pocket
and ate some peanuts and drank a water or whatever. And just, it was
a kick back day. Fishing is fun, it really is. You come out like today and
just have a great fun day. A guy needs to do that. – Well, my old buddy Kriet.
– That’s a good one. – Spinning reel, that’s fun. Doesn’t get much
better for us today. – Covering some ground. You’re going off-shore
and then back on the tear. We gotta do this more often. – I’m in. I’m in, I just want one more. – Hello? Yes, no fish; just
saw one, though. Yeah, it’s a good one. Four pounder. Green and yellow’s
the hot color. Bye. – Watch it, serious. Oh you got one? – Lost him! – Didn’t even talk to anybody. That was all made up;
that was a recreation. – Thanks Wade. – I got sassed. – Yeah that was him;
that was a show-stopper. – I got sassed.

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