Kayak Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in Eastern WA – July 2018

Hello everybodyRon Barbish watermanatwork. comWe’re kayak fishing for smallmouth basson the Columbia Riverin Eastern WashingtonMost of the fish were caught with this4″ pumpkinseed grub with a black lead headThe bass were feeding on crayfishand couldn’t get enough of this lureVery economical setupwhen you’re fishing in rocks. Whoo!That’s what I’m talking aboutHow about that bad boy, huh?It’s been a couple daysof great smallmouth bass fishinghere on the Columbia Riverin Eastern WashingtonWeather’s been perfectCaught a lot of fishBetween the two daysat least a hundred bassToday I got a couple bigger onesSome 2-3 pounders in theresolittle happy about thatBut a great couple days of fishinghere in eastern WashingtonCheck out watermanatwork. comfor more kayak fishing videos

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