Kayak Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in Eastern WA-Sept 2018

Hello everybodyRon Barbish watermanatwork. comSalmon season has been closed for the seasondue to lack of fishSo we are fishing for smallmouth basson the Columbia Riverin Eastern WashingtonThe 2018 salmon fishing seasonwas a major disapointmentThe season was closed soon afterthe peak of the fall salmon rundue to the lack of returning salmonI only managed this small Cohoand one Chinook salmon in three days of fishingSo it’s off to Eastern Washingtonfor some smallmouth bass fishingWe’ve never fished for bassat this time of yearso we weren’t quite surewhat to expectIt was a beautiful fall dayand after a bit of a slow startwe finally found the fishIt’s likeEverywheretwenty feet of waterinto the shoreis covered with seaweedand the seaweed itselfand the rocksandjust about everything elseis covered with this green slimy algaeGets on your lureevery single castIt’s a pain in the a–We’re going to dothe full dawn patrolGet up at likefour o clock in the morningHaul a– over somewhere elseprobably Celiloand hopefullythe fishing is a little better thereEarly morning driveon the water before sunriseCaught this algae-covered bassas the sun came over the hillsWe weren’t the only onesout early in the morningThat’s itfor the 2018 fishing seasonon the Columbia RiverFor more kayak fishing videosgo to watermanatwork. com

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