Kayak Fishing ~ New River Smallmouth Bass Adventure ~ Sparta, NC

I had an amazing Smallmouth Bass kayak fishing adventure floating the New River in Sparta, NC. The New River is beautiful and the Smallmouth were hungry. This was actually my first time ever fishing for Smallmouth Bass and I can tell you it immediately became one of my favorite fish to target. Being on the New River and fighting these hard fighting fish gave me a rush every time I hooked up. I used a Whopper Plopper bass lure the entire day. It was a blast watching these Smallmouth Bass blow up on this lure. The Whopper Plopper makes a great Smallmouth Bass lure that you must try. The New River flows through the U.S. states of North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. The section of river we floated, I saw very few homes. it was mostly wild and beautiful land. Very quiet and peaceful except when a smallmouth crashed my lure. The New River actually flows north. The New River is believed to be one of the oldest rivers on earth. The largest Smallmouth Bass I caught on this day was 17″.

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