Key Frog Fishing Setups: Be a Better Frog Fisherman!

– What’s up everybody?In this video I am breaking downmy entire frog fishing setup,I’m talking line, rod, reel,
all the way down to the frog. You want to be a better frog fisherman?Stay tuned. This is the exact setup that I just usedin my latest twenty four seven videoat Mississippi River where
I caught I don’t knowhow many pounds worth of Bass
to finish eighteenth placein pretty much like 98% of my catches,have all came off this setup. To me the most important thing
when frog fishing is your rodand the reason for that is it dictateshow well you can cast,
make an accurate cast,being able to set the hook,properly drive in those
hooks to catch those fish,getting better hook up ratios. All of that comes from your rodand I like to use the ABU
Garcia Fantasista premiere rod,it’s a seven, three heavy,
it has a fast tip to itbut it has a very, very stiff backbone. That tip allows me to make accurate castsand really put this bait where I need tobut having that backbone,that stiff backbone allows me
to drive those heavy hooksets,you know, you got two
flipping hooks in that frogso basically getting those
hooks to penetrate that mouth,it takes a lot of pressure,it takes a lot of force so this rod,for me is my favorite frogging rodand I know everybody can’t affordthe high-end dollar price
points on some of these rods. For awhile, if you guys have
watched my older videos,I used to use the ABU Garcia Vendettawhich is like a $79 rodand I would use the same version,a seven foot three heavy
rod and it worked great. Having a stiff enough rod
is very, very critical. Finding a rod that has a soft
tip and a stiff backbone,those are hard to find. A seven three, the length for me,people is gonna vary on their heightso I may even go down to a 7 foot rodif I’m really roll casting
under a bunch of brushor trees, over hanging
limbs, I may go to a 7 footbut I like the seven three,that extra three inches
really makes a difference,I feel like it’s what I’m comfortable withbut those attributes and
a frog rod are a must. The second most important
thing with this setupis your line, I use braided line,Superline by Spiderwire, Stealth Smoothand the great thing about braided lineis it has zero stretch. When you pull on that fish,you are pulling in a direct lineand there is zero stretch
equaling a lot better hookups. 50 pound test,about 90% of the time I’m
gonna use 50 pound test,I feel like I don’t break 50 pound testand its got a small enough diameterthat I can make long cast
and it manages really well. The only time that I’ll
go higher than that,if I’m fishing matted vegetation,I’ll switch to 65 pound
Spiderwire Stealth Smooth,that way you set the hookand you’re not only dragging
in a four or five pound fishbut 10 pounds worth of grass,I want to make sure that
lines not gonna break. I will never go under 50 pound
braid when throwing a frogand my reasoning for that is a lot of timewhen you’re setting the hook,there is so much force
going into that hookset,when you drop below that 50 pound mark,there is a chance of breaking your line,I’ve done it before with 40so I’ve always just gone to 50 pound. The knot that I tie with this braidis a double Palomar knot,the reason for that is
so the knot doesn’t slip. A regular Palomar it may workbut I’ve always just got used
to tying it double Palomar,leaving a long tag end and
that’s gonna allow you,I mean I’ve caught 10
fish on that knot before,if not more, its not gonna
break, its a solid knotand it works every time. The great thing about this
line is it casts phenomenally,its a new braid that was
brought out in the past yearand I really fell in love
with using it on my topwatersbecause of its castability,being able to manage that line,its super easy and by far my
favorite braid by Spiderwire. The next important thing
with this setup is your reel. An eight zero to one,ABU Garcia Revo ALXwhich they’re introducing
the new ALF which will comeout in about a month and I’m
gonna have my hands on it,it’ll be my new frogging reel. The bottom line is you need to
have a higher retrieve reel,I wouldn’t go anything less than a seven,the only time I would go less than a sevenis if you really wanted to
walk your frog side to sideand not move it anywhere. That six four to one gear
ratio reel will allow youto really walk the dog
and never move that bait. The amount of times that
I’ve used a six four to oneare like maybe one out
of the past hundred timesand the reasoning for that,one, I’m able to catch up to
those fish when they blow upon it and I set the hook and
jerk him out of the water,I’m able to pick up that slack. Two, an eight zero to one gear ratio reel,I feel like is almost the
perfect frogging reel,it allows you to keep a
good cadence with that frogbut also burn it back to the boatwhen you need to make another cast,picks up a lot of line,it’s just a great all around
reel for this application. Now the next biggest thing with your reelis having a good drag system,the drag system on the ALX is awesome,there’s no slippage,it’s meant to catch big
fish, it’s what it’s for. I have my drag winched down super tightso when I set the hook,that line is going straight to that fishand them hooks are penetrating,there’s a lot of time that you mayhave 30, 40 yards of line outand one blows up on your frogand you gotta pick up all that line,with that braid there’s no
stretch so you’re able to getthat hook penetrationand you want your reel
to perform at that point,you can not have it fail you,so make sure your reel has
a great drag system in it. And now I know what you guys are thinking,he hasn’t mentioned a frog yetand I’m gonna tell you why,it’s because I don’t really thinkthe frog makes that big of a difference. I use all kinds of different
hallowed body frogsfrom different manufacturersand really when it all comes down to it,they all work pretty well. I have my favoritesand I’m gonna tell you guys my favoritesbut more importantly than the frogis the hooks that’s in the frog. Everything that I’m talking
about is getting the bites,getting the fish in the boatfrom the time that fish blows up on it,getting it in the boat, that’s
so important in frog fishing. There’s not too many times that you go outand you’re 10 for 10 on catching frog fishbut making your setup properly
sound for these conditionsis what makes you a good frog fisherman,it’s not always the frog that your usingso that’s why the hooks are so important,you don’t want a hook that is a thin wire,that’s gonna flex out on you. When you’re using a
heavy rod, braided lineand a reel with no drag
somethings gotta give, right. Well you don’t want the hooks to give,the first thing I do when I get a frogis I change the hooks out,I put on Gamakatsu hook,they’re just after market hooks
that I have a lot of faithin and they’re extremely
well at not bending out,staying sharp,getting those fish into the
boat which is what we need. And last but not least is the actual frog,like I said I use all kinds ofdifferent frogs from
different manufacturers,I’m not sponsored by any of them,these are just frogs that I have faith inand they’re no different
than what everybody buysoff the shelf,typical frog but there
are some modificationsyou can make to them to trigger more bitesand help work the frog better. The first thing I like
to do to these frogsis I like to trim the legs up. If I’m fishing open water
around trees’ cover,I’m gonna trim these frog legs from theoutside working inwards towards its butt,this allows the frog to walk easierwhen you’re using it across the water,gives it that walk the dog
action with very minimal efforton your end so you don’t have to beon point all the time for
that frog to be doing its joband really that’s what triggers
bites when you’re using it. The second thing I like to do
is I like to bend the hooksout just a little bit
so when that frog comesout of its mouth,those hooks are grabbing
something at all times. That frog body has got to collapse,there’s a lot of plastic thereso you want to make sure
those hook points grabbingon to that fishes mouth. I hope you guys can use it, like I said,I know you don’t use all
the same products as me,finding these attributes in your setupsis what’s gonna make you
be a better frog fisherman. I hope you guys enjoyed this video,if you like it, comment
below, like, subscribe,I appreciate it. We’re trying to keep
building this channel upso I can keep providing
content so I thank youand I’ll see you next time.

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