Lake Champlain Smallmouth – Where to Stay and Fish!

– Lake Champlain is a
destination bass fishery. A lot of guys coming
from all over the world,they wanna fish this lake. It’s great smallmouth,
great largemouth lake. A lot of good pike fishing in here. Here at the Anchorage, we’re
a cabin rental business. I’ve been coming here and
staying here at the Anchoragesince 1997. Been fishing tournaments on this lakefor about 20, 25 year now. That’s what drew my
wife and I to the lake. It’s one of the lake in New Englandthat you can make a living on. There’s guys out here that
make a living fishing. We decide to try to make
a living at the Anchorageand do that and still be
in the fishing communityand talk fishing and be in
that fishing world every day. – Nice, dude, nice. – Here we go. – Dave, the cheat code putting us on. Dave. – Nice job.
– Awesome, awesome. Clean, clean. He has a tattoo, did you see the tattoo?He’s in a smallie gang. – You got too much slack in that. – You’ll feel
like a little uhlulump. – More, that’s it, right there. Keep the slack. Just like that. Try this. – Listen, it’s cool.
– Lovely. – It’s totally cool. It’s totally cool. – Crayfish spawn,they come out and they spawn at 50 degree,when the water hits 50 degrees. And, there’s a spring in a false spawn,and I throw this one a lot
around the rocky areas. They just it eat it all year long. It’s been my go-to bait
for the last few years. The Anchorage is really old school. It’s like a old school camp,
that’s the feel you get. You can take or use as
much of that as you want. You can just unplug a little
bit, we have a main lodge. In the lodge, we serve
breakfast and some dinners. We have game room. We also have a big great room
where people can come up,watch some TV, sports,
do a puzzle, read a book. We’re right on the water. We have six acres right on the waterinside Paradise Bay here. We’re close, we’re in the inland sea,which is one of the best areasfor smallmouth fishing on Lake Champlain. The guys that are here
for bass tournaments,we can hold approximately
20 boats in the facility,plugged in, ready to go. We got this launch we can
use in the early spring,but we have a launch right on our road. But also, our location’s greatbecause we’re really only
25 minutes from Burlington,so the families that comeand want do stuff other than fishing,they can go down to Burlington,they can go to other areasand sightsee and do things like that. Everything is really close.

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