Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Charters

No wonder Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Charters are busy. According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, they have produced a report that shows Lake Erie is one of the best smallmouth bass lakes in the world. This is not very surprising to the fishermen that are familiar with this area – but it seems like a lot of people that are into this hobby are talking about it. So it’s no surprise that a lot of people are heading up to Lake Erie.

There have also been reports that smallmouth bass catches average between fourteen to almost eighteen inches. Now that’s big fish! The largest fish that has been caught in this region was 23.5 inches in length – and weighing around 9.5 lbs.

There are many fishing charters that travel the lake. Many of them are eight hour journeys that give the passengers time to catch a possible trophy fish. Though most of these boats are thirty to thirty-four feet long on average, these still offer plenty of room for about eight passengers to comfortably fish. If you do go fishing on one of the charters and lake erie smallmouth bass is the game of the day – expect the captain to be boating near the rocky shoreline since an abundant of Smallmouth bass tend to reside there. Also, in case one is wondering about the boats they are usually equipped with VHF marine radio in case there is an emergency, GPS (no big surprise there), Fish Finder, Toilet Facilities (whooh – thank goodness!), they are usually insured to the max and everyone of them has to be Coast Guard inspected.

Just about all charters provide the tackle, bait and rods. Some charters troll while others go for the drift fishing (a great chance to test your angling skills). One piece of advice is to use white and yellow spinnerbaits as well as shallow diving crankbaits if you are fishing near the shore. That is if the charter provides this type of baits of course.

The cost is reasonable. Usually a hundred dollar deposit, then the trip will cost around five to six hundred dollars. Usually what happens is that a group of people go together – each pitches in a hundred dollars or so and off they go for an eight to ten hour trip. Most people say that it’s a nice little get-away.

Charters sometimes offer places to stay for the night. For an example, if you buy their package, they will have a place where you can reserve to stay a night. They may own the inn or have made special deals with the lodge to keep their customers. For a group of up to six people, they may charge at least a hundred dollars a person. If there is a family that wants to stay the night, it is advisable to seek a regular hotel to stay in to keep costs down. The lodging is usually meant for groups of people that are not taking their family.

Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Charters are a great way for a family or friends to just leave the stress of every-day life for about ten hours. The fish are plentiful in Lake Erie and the smallmouth bass seem to be the most sought out fish in this beautiful lake. If you are an outdoor person, this is one event that you might want to check into.

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