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Fishing Saskatchewan. On this episode, Steve
and I make our second tripin as many years to the Estevan
area and Boundary Reservoir,in search of largemouth bass. This is the province’s
only largemouth fishery,and if you haven’t had a chance
to check it out for yourself,stick around, and we’ll show
you what you’ve been missing. Bass everywhere here. Boundary is a very
unique body of waterhere in southern Saskatchewan. The water from this
manmade reservoiris used for cooling the
turbines in a nearby coal fueledpower station. There we go. The water is
returned to the lakeafter the cooling process of
temperatures around the 70degree mark, making
the water almost alwayswarmer than the air around it. It is this warm
water that allowsthe largemouths to flourish. There are a couple of
key pieces of structureto note on this lake the
bass will be drawn to. The first is fallen
brush and timber. The banks that surround
this lake are very steep,and through the years,
erosion of the bankshas left the trees
and branches strewnon a lot of the shoreline. Bait fish are drawn to
these areas like magnets,and bass will use the
cover to ambush the prey. The second is the boat docks. Cabins line the
banks of Boundary,many with private boat docks. The bass use these
docks for coverfrom the sun as well as high
percentage hunting grounds. Well, we’re just getting
the little guys, but–Up until 2007, this was the only
bass fishery in the province. So Steve and I were
both relative newcomersto catching these exciting fish. We did our homework on prime
locations and techniquesand got some advice
from local fishermen. Information on the
Fishing Saskatchewan Forumtold us that the bite
was pretty aggressive. So we planned to use
mostly artificials. They’re getting bigger again. Spinner baits and light
jigs with Berkley Gulp!Worms or minnow baits
were the lures of choice. We did get some action
on live crawlers,but the fish didn’t
show any real preferencebetween them and the Gulp. Well, we could even be getting
into pike this close to shore. It’s a pike. It’s a good sized bite. Well, I was just
picking for some bassand I hook this
real nice walleye. You’re not so bad. Don’t go anywhere. We’ve got more from Boundary
Reservoir coming up,right after this word
from out sponsors. Yeah. All right. Whoa! The info we received from
the forum was bang on. The fish were right where
we thought they would beand were extremely aggressive. Unfortunately, most
of them were small. But it was still a
lot of fun, though,and we caught well
over a hundred of them. After what seemed
like 1,000 casts,Smitty did manage to
pull this beauty up. Well, a big old bass, this one. All right. This is what we came here for. And I’m glad I switched
over to stinger hook,because I had him
on the stinger. That is a really,
really good bass. What does that run, Smitty?We got the tape there. That’s gotta run 18, 20 inches. Absolutely smoked that lure. That is a beautiful fish. I’m going to put him
on the tape, here. We’re going to
get a measurement. Yeah, we got him 19 inches. Sweet. Conservatively, that’s
three pounds easy. Easy. That is a really good bass. I added the stinger hook. And you see that, right there. I just added that on to my jig. And what I do is just
take and slide thatin the back of the bait,
where it’s not goingto inhibit the tail action. And you’ve got a better chance
to get the short strikes, whichwe just got that big one. He was just on the stinger hook. So I’m glad I added that. Let’s catch some
fish here. I’m working a two jig, and
he’s working a minnow body. Well, they can’t
resist the live worm. I just wish it was
the bigger worms. That just proves the bigger
bass will take the bigger bait,I guess. Only a short drive from
Boundary Reservoir,we stayed at the Harbour
View Bed and Breakfast,in Mainprize Regional Park. Located right on
Rafferty Reservoir,Harbour View offers comfortable
rooms and great home cooking. We’d like to thank Merle and
Valerie for their hospitalityduring our stay. Be sure to join us next
month as Smitty, Terry,and I show you some great
techniques for late summerwalleye at Rafferty
Reservoir in the southeastcorner of the province. Until then, we’ll
see you on the water. Fishing Saskatchewan
has been brought to youby CAA Travel Saskatchewan, for
all your travel requirements,and by The Fishin’ Hole. Get hooked at The Fishin’ Hole.

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