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Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with BassResource. com. I’m here with the 2019 ICAST Show at the Sure-Life
Laboratories booth. These guys make the PLEASE RELEASE ME formula
and the CATCH AND RELEASE formula. These are additives that go in your livewell
to not only keep your fish healthy in thelivewell, but they’re actually in better condition
when you take them out of the livewell thanthey were when you first put them in. Now the mastermind behind that, the guy who
designed these, is standing right here nextto me, Tony Gergely. I know you guys don’t recognize him, but he’s
the guy behind this formula that keeps fishalive for so many, I don’t know how many decades
now you’ve doing this. But Tony, I have a quick question for you. I see this on other forums and I see this
on social media, people will say, if you’vegot an oxygenator in your livewell, if you
put these in there, there’s some sort of negativechemical reaction that can actually kill the
fish. And I hear a lot of debate going back and
forth on this whether or not this is true. So I want to get it straight from you, is
that true or not?Tony: Not, it’s not true, it’s definitely
not true. And that’s what’s amazing about the fishing
industry because I’ve been in this since 1983. Doug Hannon and I, the late Doug Hannon, who
was one of my best friends, we developed thisfirst formulation in 1983. This is like the seventh version of it. I make over 55 different products for keeping
bait alive and sport fish alive. And what amazes me about this industry is
how people go out, they only way they cancompete against me is to bad mouth things
and come out with things that are totallyuntrue, which gets a little infuriating after
a while, I’ll be honest with you, right?So I get calls all the time, people standing
in Bass Pro Shops or whatever’s like, “Hey,I’m reading this like you can’t use your products
with the oxygenator. “And I say, that’s. . . that’s a lie, let just
put it that way, to be honest with you. Which really irritates me because to sell
your product, why do you have to put anotherproduct down?Which makes you think about that product,
to be honest with you. We don’t do that. We’ve manufactured the best chemical formulation
for keeping bass alive in livewells, CATCHAND RELEASE and PLEASE RELEASE ME. It’s totally compatible with the oxygenator. And that’s the truth, that is truth. It works with the oxygenator, hydrogen peroxide,
any type of device, pure oxygen and so forth. Why people have to say this?I have no earthly idea. And to be honest with you, it’s a total waste
of time and I’ve actually talked to peopleabout it and I don’t know where it came from,
it doesn’t make any sense. Glenn: You’re pretty passionate about this,
I can tell. But I understand why you can take it personally. You’ve been doing this for so long, you created
this and have people bad mouth that, I totallyunderstand that, that makes sense. But that’s the truth, guys. You can use this in your livewell, not only
with an oxygenator but if you’re using hydrogenperoxide, which by the way only use 4 ounces
for a 15-gallon livewell. You don’t want to use very much, but it’s
actually putting oxygen in your. . . Tony: It totally saturates the water because
I can tell you this, right?If you use your mechanical devices in your
boat because of battery failure or whatever,if you’ve got hydrogen peroxide in there,
it’s chemical. It actually saturates the water up to 900
parts per million of pure oxygen and it’san equilibrium stage because it’s H2O2 and
as the bass breathes, it pulls out at an oxygenmolecule and the H2O2 converts to an oxygen
molecule and a water molecule. So I’ve even told bait stores this before,
if you’ve got $500 worth the bait in thereand a hurricane comes through or whatever,
you lose electricity, just put hydrogen peroxidein there, it’s going gonna save you $500 worth
of bait. And I’ve had bait stores over the last 30
years that come to me once in a while andsay, “I remember you telling me this. “And one guy here last year at this Big Rock
Sports Show in Nashville, Tennessee, for instance,they had a major accident on the power poles
out in front of their store, they lost electricity. And he remembered what I said, but he didn’t
remember the exact dosage but he just wentto Walgreens, the CVS whatever he said, and
bought $10 worth of hydrogen peroxide, theyare 97 cents a bottle. He said, “Glug, glug, glug into it,” and he
said, “I hope this works. “He said,” I went back the next day, they still
didn’t have electricity yet. “All his bait was still alive. He said, “Thank you, I spent 10 bucks and
you saved me 500 bucks. “You see what I’m saying?But it works like that in a livewell situation
at the same time. But going back to what we said, I get phone
calls, I get emails, it’s been going on fora couple of years. I’m thinking, I was like, why does a company
have to tell another, say, don’t use thisproduct because it doesn’t work which just
totally untrue?There’s a lot of great products in here. In the fishing industry, it amazes me because
I’m in it for so long like I said, since 1983. So coming up to 40 years, really. Fishermen buy into a lot of things and especially
the younger ones now because of social mediaand so forth, like the truth is the truth. And I wouldn’t be in business for as long
as I have if I haven’t been telling them thetruth. And this is the truth, our products are compatible
with the oxygenator. Glenn: Well, there you have it. You guys got it?You can’t get it any straighter than that,
right?Tony: Don’t call and don’t email anymore,
all right?This really works. Glenn: All right, guys, you got it. Tony: I’ll talk to you no problem. Glenn: Well, there you go, guys, that’s the
truth, now let’s hope that’s all straightenedout. You guys have a great day. Thanks for watching.

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