Lure Fishing #103 – Spillway and River Jigging for Smallmouth Bass, Opening Night Walleye, and Pike

Total smallmouth bass in the video: 24
Total walleye in the video: 7
Total northern pike in the video: 2

Best smallmouth bass in the video: 24:02
Best walleye in the video: 0:56
Best northern pike in the video: 9:08
Walleye limit: 4:40

I was jig fishing in New York during spring (early May, 2015). I started jigging for walleye at a spillway on opening night, limited out shortly after, and tried to explain the jigging strategies, tips, and techniques that came to mind along the way. I took a nap and then hiked a small river for walleye, pike, and smallmouth bass once it was light out. I used bunny bucktail jigs, bucktail jigs, swimbait jigs, curly tail jigs, and spoons throughout the trip. I ended up finding a hot bass bite toward the end of the day.

This is one of many videos in the Lure Fishing series — watch others for triple-digit numbers of fish, trophy fish, the tips and techniques I pick up along the way, and more!




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