Lure Fishing #125 – Hot Big Smallmouth Bass Buzzbait Fishing

Total smallmouth bass in the video: 15

Best smallmouth bass in the video: 0:00 (& 1:43)

I was topwater fishing at a river in New York during late summer or early fall (mid September, 2015). I was fishing a small river run for about an hour, and the buzzbait bass fishing was hot — most of the hour I spent reeling in, unhooking, measuring, and releasing bass. Most of the bass were caught on back-to-back casts, on top of the extra missed buzzbait strikes. Better yet, most of the smallmouth bass were quality fish close to being big bass (nine or ten that were 17″+), and some were relatively big smallmouth bass breaking 18″ (master angler length). These buzzbait bass measured out at 18.1″, 18″, 17.9″, 17.75″, 17.75″, 17.5″, 17.1″, 17″, 17″, ~17″, 16.6″, ~16″, ~16″, 15.5″, and ~15.5″, and many of them were thick, fat tanks. This was a magical fraction of an hour of buzzbait fishing for big smallmouth bass — one of the hottest topwater bass fishing bites I’ve seen.

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