Lure Fishing #4 – Small River Jig and Spinner Fishing for Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, and More

Total smallmouth bass in the video: 28
Total largemouth bass in the video: 2
Total yellow perch in the video: 2
Total walleye in the video: 1

Best smallmouth bass in the video: 2:44
Best yellow perch in the video: 21:15
Best fallfish in the video: 19:23
Best walleye in the video: 0:00
Best largemouth bass in the video: 1:09

I was jig and spinner fishing in a small river in New York during fall (October). I was jig fishing mostly and burning a blue fox spinner, but I also tried working a rebel craw as well as drifting some soft plastic lures like a sinking worm and a senko. I was trying to target smallmouth bass, yellow perch, and walleye, but I also caught a couple of small largemouth bass and a big fallfish toward the end of the video. It was a cold, rainy fall day, and I ended up hitting a few pools along a small river. I said some dumb and embarrassing things throughout this video because I was tired.

This definitely isn’t the greatest video in the Lure Fishing series, but it’s kind of special in its own way because it’s one of the first. I’ve had many better days of fishing than this one just one year since I started making the Lure Fishing series — lots of videos with much longer and many more bass, plus many videos where I target other types of fish and share the tips and techniques I pick up along the way.




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