MAKE BASS BITE : Secret Tips for How to Trigger Strikes

In bass fishing, we often get too focused on baits and locations and that type of stuff. We need to be more concerned with is “what makes bass bite a bait?”. Sometimes it’s easier to sharpen the blade than work harder at sharpening the tree, a secret tip from “7 habits of highly effective people”. Make sure that you’re not working hard without taking a step back and figuring out what’s really important to the fish. What is really important to bass? They’re either looking for something to eat, or they want to run off something that’s in their territory.

In this “how to trigger strikes from bass” seminar by John Crews, conducted in Tulsa, OK, he investigates bass senses, talking about that they can see colors, sense small movements and have eyesight that probably exceeds our own underwater vision significantly. He also talks about their lateral line and how they use it to detect lures with vibration.

When you put a bait in front of a fish, what’s going to make it bite? John Crews is adamant that action is the most important aspect of triggering strikes.

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