Matching Forage Size for Schooling Bass Fishing

Let me try that again. Come on guys.
There he is! He got it that time. I can feel them swatting at it and hitting it. Oh lord; there was one behind it!Hold on. I had a whole herd of them chasing my bait.
I had one on and when I boat flipped him hecome off but there was one that tried to jump
and get the bait. As soon as he did, I’m sure I pulled all of
them. We’ve got a bunch of schoolers out here out
over open water and the bait they’re feedingon is real small. I was trying to throw
that big swimbait at them and its just toobig. I picked up this new Shallow Scatter
Rap and I just started burning it becauseyou can see them out here just kind of suspended
under these balls of bait 5 foot of less. This Scatter Rap really matches more of what
they’re feeding on. I picked this up and Ican see them out here on my depth finder real
shallow just a few feet under the surface. We’re going to sit here and throw around out
here in the middle just a minute. We got onthem a little earlier this morning schooling
on bait and they continue to do so. They seemto be just roaming out here in this open water. Give them just a minute and see if they can
reposition themselves because there’s beenquite a few fish right in here. They’re just
chasing bait so it makes them hard to target. I know what I can try. Got it right there! There’s one right there.
He’s not a real big one. That was the really neatthing you know earlier I was throwing that
big 5 1/2″ Slop Hopper and we got to noticingthat those fish were really keying on that
small bait. So I jumped down and I got thatnew 3 1/2” Slop Hopper. The smallest head
I had was that 1/2-ounce VMC head and putit on and it’s amazing once we kind of matched
the size of that bait what we’ve been ableto accomplish. All we did was changed the
size of are bait and it was just like we werethrowing at all those schoolers and it was
real frustrating because we couldn’t get themto bite. All of a sudden once we figured out
it out and matched the size of that bait theywere actually pretty easy to catch. See some bass right there. There was one right
there that it and I just missed him!He’s not very big, but I’ve got him. He’s
a little guy. He’s a real little guy. But once again matching the size of that bait
with that new Slop Hopper has really beenthe ticket for catching any of these fish.
Before I couldn’t get a bite on any of them. There’s one right there! That’s one thing
about schooling fish is they can be a lotof fun and they can also be very frustrating.
Once you figure out the size of the bait itcan be a lot easier. I was able to take the
smaller Slop Hopper and start getting thesefish bite. We also took the Shallow Running
Scatter Rap and threw it out there. That smallerbait size seems to be what those fish are
keying on and if you look at my Humminbirdright there you’ll notice that all these big
balls of bait are within 5 feet of the surfaceeven out here in 12-15 feet of water. For
some reason these fish are just up here runningaround chasing bait. Once we finally got the right
size bait it’s been pretty easy after thatas far as catching them. We’ve kind of had
to move around a lot and we’ve chased thema little bit but it’s actually been a lot
of fun. We’ve had some real good catches. We found these fish out here schooling on
these small shad and I was actually able togo to the new Slop Hopper. Let’s start over!
Let me pull this piece of fin out of my hand.
We found these fish out here schooling andactually he has eaten my bait off so I’m going
to have to get another one.

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