Megabass Pop Max In-Depth Review I Topwater Walking Bait You Need All Year For Big Bass

what’s up guys welcome back to thechannelit’s J Buck from Reel Stories it’s crazywindy today so if the audio is a bust Ihopefully I can pick it up and post butif not sorry for that I wanted to cometo you guys today regardless about oneof my favorite baits of all time it’s atop water you know I love top water andI just wanted to bring it to you becauseI don’t know if enough guys are throwingit it’s a premium bait it’s coming in at$20 and before you cancel out of thisvideo stick around to the end I’ll giveyou guys another option if you guysdon’t want to break your bank with a $20lure but I’m telling you this bait is akiller have you ever thrown this MegabassPop Max it’s a half ounce lure andit’s just borderline amazing I I’malways throwing this thing it’s tied onhalf of the time a lot of guys wait tothrow a walking baitinto the fall it really shines and fallwhen these bats are feeding up andgetting ready to just hunker down forthem for the winter but guys I’mthrowing top water well before some ofthese people a lot of guys talk about 50degrees water temp is when they starttaking a look at top water I’ve beensmashing fish in waters in the high 30sand that sounds crazy I’m in the missionin Michigan we’re in the Midwest it’stypically colder here it’s it’s almostmidnightI think it’s 3540 degrees right now Imean I’ve got a full jacket on I got thebuff I even brought some gloves becausemy hands are already coldbut regardless I wanted to talk to youguys about this bait so we’re gonna talkabout a few things we’re gonna talkabout what it is why to throw it whereto throw it when to throw it and thetype of gear you’re gonna be throwing iton so without further ado let’s talkabout this first one right here this isthreadfin shad but it’s more than just awalking bag eyes you can see it’s got anice cut mouth it’s it’s gonnaa ton of water but you can see thoseslits right in the front there that’sgonna pull in a ton of water so it spitsa ton of bubble trail and you can seeunder here there’s even more for thatbubble trailer to spin around this iswhy it’s 20 bucks I used to be anon-believer in these expensive baits Iwouldn’t throw them didn’t want to riskthrowing them I mean who wants to buy a20 dollar lure throw it for 20 minutesget it hooked up snags bust off its itruins your day but when you guys startsmashing on this I know you’re gonnathink differently and to be honest thebeauty of this bait and why it’s such afavorite of mine it’s not just a walkingbait you can throw this bait year-roundand why because it doubles as probablyone of the best poppers on the markettoo a lot of guys throw the popper earlyreally slow just twitch twitch pausetwitch twitch pause and just wait waitfor that blow up and you can do thiswith with this bait and if you need towalk it back back to the boat or back tothe bank you got it this this bait ishands down one of the best walking topwaters on the market comes in at abouthalf an ounce and it’s and it’s amazingso where are you gonna throw iteverywhere I throw it over grass I throwit next to lay down would I throw itnext to the lilies I I’m throwing itborderline everywhere I throw it openwater a little less I typically go witha bigger walking bait at that point butthis this has a ton of drawing power Idon’t know if you can hear it but it’sgot a really nice rattle and it comeswith some decent hardwareI’m not saying it’s the best hardware Ido throw these stock in the beginningbut if I’m in a tournament situation Iam changing these out they come with afeather on it that’s nice it really addsto the action but I like I said I’mtypically removing this stuff andswitching it out I’m switching out tosome owner hyper wire split ringstypically a three or number four I’lllink all of that down below so you’llhave to think about it don’t try toremember it don’t try to wait and goback don’t try to pause just keep upkeep up with me and it’ll be all downbelow in the video description whenyou’re ready so so again comes with afeather it’s just a nice feather it’snot it’s not overly amazing it doesn’thave any clear coat on it which is kindof a bummer for a $20 bait and I thinkthe split rings are kind of I don’t wantto say they’re junk because there’sthere’s definitely worse on the marketbut it’s definitely not one of the bestsplit rings out thereso again if I’m in a tournamentsituation or if I just if I know I wantto be around some hogs I’m gonna switchthese out so again owner hyper wire andthen I really like to go with a Tiptonhook these are round Bend hooks I liketo go with a Tipton point I think itpins these fish better with thesetroubles and I once they’re hooked upthey they have a lot less chance toshake them off now if now if your bassare not totally committing to the bay orif they’re slashing at it and you’re notreally getting a hook the hook up stickwith the round Bend you’re gonna you’redefinitely gonna hook up more but againit’s gonna be tougher to keep those fishpinned so smaller hooks there they’relike a silver I really like a matte hookthese aren’t my favorite but they do itso next some colors to throw this baityou got you got your bold some boldcolors we got white Python right herethat’s a must and then we got a roachieherethat’s another killer when you have someovercast it’s a rainy day give themsomething to look at they need they needsome presents the rattle is gonna drawthem yeah but they need that presencefrom below they wanna see the bottomthey want to see that silhouette movingback and forth and they’re really it’sreally gonna help them key in on it sokeep through your darks with theovercast rainy days heavier wind once itgets a little too windy it’s kind oftough to keep an eye on the bait itdoesn’t spit that much where you canthrow it 60 yards and and see it way outthere so calmer days is definitely goingto produce better next most of the timeI’m throwing this some sort of clearjust right here is a killer you can seeit’s got a green – rolls into a littlewhite with a little bit of a purpleleave pearlescent blueish this is a thisis a bangin color I really like that andthis was probably one of my newest onesit’s called MV gizzard the gizzard shadlook I’m in Michigan where my fish arefeeding on primarily perch bluegill andother pan fish but I’m still hammeringwith this bait they they really likethat natural presence it it’s notoverpowering those those cloudy days theborderlines Sun just high Sun stick tosomething clear they’re really gonnahone in I’m more of a natural presenceif you stick to a bold pattern in thosedays you’re going to get some strikesbut you’re gonna get significantly atless in my opinion so get yourself someclearand then finally something somethingwith a lot of flash this is my primarycolor of all time you can see this baithas been absolutely thrashedI’ve caught so many fish on this it’sit’s insane it’s whack asagi it’s toughto come by so if you see them in stocksomewhere pick up pick up – I know Iknow that’s 40 bucks but it’s it’s gonnabe it’s gonna be well worth it starthere if you’re really nervous aboutgetting into this type of bait I throwit in the the crappie days I throw it onthe great days it’s very versatile and Ilove it and I want to show you one ofthe issues I have with this bait andit’s a lot of rash you can see how thathook lays right on the belly like thatwhen I’m casting this thing these hooksare swaying through the air destroyingthe bottom of the bait and unfortunatelyyou can’t help that most of the time butyou can do your best to take care ofthat in your box I’ve made a differentvideo in the past about hook covers andthese are no-brainerI’ll link that above so you guys cancheck it out if you’re not using themthey’re not expensive it’s gonna reallyhelp you organize your tackle and getyour tackle out on the go and it’s gonnaminimize that that hook from grinding onthese baits when you’re moving around inthe boat when your boats on plane whenyou’re hitting waves or if you’re justdigging in the tackle box throughout theday so again I’ll link that up above butwok asagi is an amazing color to go withso again go with something bold whitesand blacks a clear the natural colorsthose natural tones if you have ultraclear water stick to clear they’rethey’re not used to seeing a boldpattern in their face so they’re a lotless likely to commit and then finallysomething with a lot of flash so theycan see it from a great distance now ifI had to pick one more color of courseit’s going to be some sort of bluegillthis is a mega basses pumpkin seed colorI believeand you can see it’s got a whole bunchof yellow a whole bunch of green wholebunch of blue it’s it’s basically a warmouth and I throw this one a little bitless but if I had to go with the fourthtone it’s this springtime this is a goodchoice as well just because bats arestarting to think about getting on thebeds once they start getting on the bedsthis becomes a little more predominantfor me because as you know bass hatebluegill around their beds and I knowthis isn’t bed fishing but if you throwthis shallow enough absolutely a bass isgonna smash this it’s it’s gonna try toget it away from the bed they’re fearingthat these bluegill are coming come inthere or harass them so consider thebluegill as patterns as well but just alittle bit less than the others so nowwhat time of year to throw this bait allyear like I said it’s a great poppingbait it’s a great walk-in bait you candead-stick it if you need that goesalong with the pop in action and youdon’t need to wait til fall you don’tneed a mate wait till mid summer toreally throw it so I think you guys needto consider it and it’s an amazing lureand you probably already have some gearto throw it on now I’m throwing this oneright here this is one of their othergill patterns it’s called secret gill Ibelieve oh this is a prime example wayback to back up just a little bit hookmy bait just a bit look at thatif you can see that very well I bent outthis hook on a fish these these hooksare more of a finesse hook a lot ofcompanies really cheap enough on theirhardware and spend a lot of time puttingmost of their focus in the bait andthat’s okay I definitely understand thatI’d rather have more time and effortspent in the actual lure itself and Ican upgrade my hardware when I’m readybut like I said you will Bend these outif you pull on these fish too hard or ifyou get up on a big one and you don’twant to miss fish guys this that is theheartbreak of the day when you have agood one on if you need you need that athat kicker fish and and you lose itjust because your hardware wasn’t up tosnuff so just remember you will Bendthese out if you’re not careful soupgrade and I’m gonna link down below myfavorite hooks just swap these out soback to the rod I’m throwing the soundon Orochi it’s actually there jerk baitspecial rated for 3/8 to 3/4 ounce so itmeets right in the middle slings thatbait amazingly and the best thing aboutthis jerk bait rod is is the handle youcan see how short this is it’s reallygonna help you guys walk the baitbecause when your guys are walking ityou’re gonna be walking it wawk wawkwawk wawk and you don’t want that butbouncing off your arm here that’s reallygonna reduce the action of the bait it’sgonna make it tough for you to stay incommand of your bait so you can throw ityou can throw this lure on a lot ofdifferent rods don’t don’t get thattwisted but you’re gonna have the mostit’s gonna be most easy with a rod witha shorter handle and a jerkbait rod doesvery well again this Orochi is a killerShimano has some killer jerk bait rodsbut I also throw this on a traditionalmedium medium heavy fastaction I started out without these morespecialized rods and I was thrown it outof my so Deus you guys you guys know howmuch I love this odious and it it gotthe job done it wasn’t perfectI did I did rip these baits out of a fewfishes mouth just because that that fastaction just wasn’t enough to pin it sothen I I moved over to a jerk bait rod II considered using a crank bait rodthere they work as well but I ride thislike the backbone and the action of thisjerk bait rod and I let me show you whatI’m talking aboutgood angle you can see that tip rightthere it’s not even halfway down the rodnot even closed like a crank bait rodit’s up into the top third and that’sreally gonna allow you guys to walk thisbait extremely well and then when youset into a fish it’s you’re gonnaquickly get into the backbone on the rodand you’re gonna have no problem keepingthese fish pins so again some sort ofjerk bait rod is amazingconsider a crank bait rod if you if youhave one of those that’s that’s a greatchoice just to get yourself into ifyou’re not throwing a walking bait likethis I’m sure a lot of guys are I justwanted to show you guys the fact thatthis mega bass is whoa man guys thiswind isn’t just ridiculous so jumpingback into it and a little wind bloweverything over I’m throwing this thisspecific rod is got the Scorpion MGL onit you might not have ever heard of thisit’s a JDM a JDM reel I got it fromdigit akka if you guys have never usedthem you need to think about if you’regonna go something JDM they’re reallyknowledgeable they and they get yourstuff to you in a hurry but basicallyit’s it’s just a Corrado a crowd of 200it’s it’s the exact same platformit’s just got this beautiful maroon Ijust this is just amazing I mean look atthat that’s a whole nother video initself guys it’s this is a beautifulreal and it slings this bait no problemI used this reel for a ton of differentapplications but specifically I reallylike it on this jerk bait jerk bait rodfor top waters and other jerk baits inthose heavier top waters now I’m alsothrowing this pot max on this X pridethis has actually got a little bit alittle jerk bait on it right now butthis this this rod is not even how toexplained it to you guys it’s have youguys ever held a rod that you justcouldn’t believe how light it was I gota paired with an alder Baron so this isa really high-end setup guys you do notI repeat you absolutely do not needsomething like this for this Pat max butI really like it for a jerk bait and itdoubles doubles amazingly well for thisPat max if I’m throwing lighter coverI’m throwing really short and I need Ijust need a couple rods with me I’mgonna bring this one because it’s veryversatile and I’ll be able to throw abunch of different things I’ve I throwtop water on this I throw cranks on thisI throw a jerk bait on this and it’sabsolutely amazing this one again ispaired with that alder baron so itreally swings a bait very well actuallygot this paired up with 40 pound powerprobe slick v2 braid I really like it inthe black onyx and then I’m going to onthis rod I’m going to a 12 pound maximummaximum mana monofilament leader I’mgoing between I don’t know between atleast a foot to 3 foot of leader so whenI set that mono is gonna have a lot ofgive so it really helps pin those hooksrather than just rip them straight outof the fish’s mouthnow this the bigger ride here I’ve gotit on a 15-pound Maxima altar green Ireally like the Maxima line I reallylike the green I can alter green for areason it’s got that little bit of agreen tint in it and it it’s they’vebeen around forever and I’ve absolutelyfallen in love with with their line andI’ve seen no reason to change now a lotof guys ask me why the mono and it’s avery simple answer if you’re going onyou know mono floats not amazing I meanyou can battle all day long about whatline floats what line doesn’t what touse what but long story short guysabsolutely never used fluorocarbon foryour top water applications it sinksit’s gonna dip that nose of the baitdown and it’s gonna make it it’s gonnamake it really hard for you guys to getthis action that you want it’s reallygonna hinder you so stick with the mononow you guys can go straight braid onthis if you wish I typically don’t andthat’s because braid is very loose andlet me show you what I mean by thatthere’s not a lot of rigidity in thebraid you can see how that just flapsaround and just does it that’s that’sthat’s specifically why right here whenyou throw this bait out and that slackline because you’re throwing this onsemi slack line because you need to getthat wok if you keep it tight line youryou’re gonna blow out the bait you’renot going to get that nice twitchingaction that you need for this type ofbait so the braid you can see it’sreally flimsy and loose that’s gonnahang down in front of your bait andyou’re gonna follow you follow your hookover and over and over and that’s one ofthe quickest things where I just don’twant to throw it anymore is whenwhen just things aren’t going your wayso stick to braid to a leader guys it’sit’s your choice again but I thinkthat’s gonna help the rigidity of thismotto is I mean you can see I gotslackline on it and it’s still pullingout see you’re not gonna follow yourhooks with this and then I run a snap Ileave this is a VMC it’s okay for thelighter stuff it’s it’s not amazing Ihave opened these things up and lostsome fish and I’ve actually lost somebaits throwing it through the airif you backlash and this thing isn’tthis thing is worn out you will rip offyour bait and lose it so I’ve havestarted to switch over to a straight twoownerI really like their snaps I’m stickingto between a one two or three dependingon the day I try to go as small as as Ipossibly can and I’ll link that againdown below now I like the snap becauseyou can see it gives a lot a freeswinging movement to this bait it’sreally gonna add a ton of walk to thisbaitI don’t go straight to the line I dosometimes if if I’m just not scratched Itypically don’t 99. 9% of the time I’mthrowing it on a snap and 100% of thetime I am NOT throwing the throwing iton a loop not and for you guys that aremore power to you I hope it I hope youguys have been successful but that knotis so weak and you’re gonna lose a tonof fish on it that it’s just not it doeshas a really low breaking strength whenyou’re on a fish and you’re pulling onit the you’re throwing on it you’repulling on the night yeah but the baititself is pulling straight on that lineso you are you’re putting a lot ofstress on the line where it’s not meantto be so you’re gonna crimp it a littlebit and you’re gonna it’s it’s gonnaraise the chance to break off so ifyou’re not consider the snap if youdon’t want to snap I recommend goingstraight to the lure and with your youryour favorite polymer not double/doublepolymers all right but not a loop notthat’s that’s just me so let me knowwhat you guys are doing down below ifyou guys like the loop knot let me knowwhat you’re doing to keep that thingfrom breaking because I’ve just not hadthe success that I’ve wished I’ve hadout of it and I’ve pretty much abandonedit for all applications flukes for topwater anything I just I don’t I don’t doit anymore so again this pot max is amust and it’s a $20 bait it’s premiumand it’s a no-brainerfor the guys that aren’t willing to drop20 bucks on a bait I completely get thatthat is that is a straight a really bigjump for just one lureI recommend trying a bait that’s ultrasimilar to this bait show one this isthe river to see bubble Walker this isthe smaller size they have a giant oneoh I actually have one here now look atthis Jesus look at the size differencein these this is definitely overall anounce so you’re not gonna be throwingthis on a light jerkbait rod like likethis smaller one but if you guys aretrying to get after some big big pikebig muskie this this is a must-have it’sit seems like overkill I it’s been toughfor me to get guys to consider thesegiant baits here in Michigan it’s justbecause it’s not typically done but itsmashes and these fish don’t see it veryoften but again that’s that’s adifferent category in its own biggerfish so back to this bubble Walker theone thing I really like about this baita lot more than the mega bass is theirhardware now I really don’t like thelong shank of a hook I really like asmaller shank in it I like a 2x whichthis is and you can see those hooksthose hooks are tipped in this is agreat alternative and they modeled thisI mean it’s obvious that they modeled itafter the pot Max and I mean if youthink otherwise let me know but it’sit’s virtually the same bait – a few keythings one the rattle you can see themegamat is a lower pitch than this thissounds a little more glassyand to like I showed you in thebeginning it’s got its got the holes inthe mouth in the front like you seeright here but it does not have thatextra Gill Flair on the bottom like themega bass that that’s really what setsthese two apartso I I prefer this but don’t get mewrong I throw this a lot I mean that’swhy I have it I have a ton of differentcolors in itRiver to see does a great job with theircolors I think this one’s likeTerminator it’s got that clear it’s alsogot the flash you can get away with justgrabbing a handful a handful of theseguys another color for you guys to checkout so again if you don’t want to drop20 bucks I understand so think aboutthis river to see it’s like it’svirtually the same bait just with alittle bit of difference and I changeall the hardware a little less on theseI keep the hood hooksI still do change out the split ringscuz they’re again they’re they’re weakas well so guys if you’re throwing awalk-in bait don’t wait to the dead ofsummer don’t wait to the falllike I said they really shine in thefall that’s when the fish are reallygonna start honing in on that walkingbait so these are these are some reallyultra refined poppers that will doubleas a walking Bay as well soI stick to these I like the traditionallike a wrapper popper but this I meanwhy not why would you not go to Bates inone and deal with a popper that it justsits a single application is just it’s ano-brainer so walking Bates guys they’reabsolutely amazing fish crush them youlove top water I love top water megabass pop max for the W and if you guysneed to get into it without any problemsthink about that river to see if youguys like this video give me a thumbs upsubscribe to the channel let me knowwhat your favorite pop and walking baitis if you’re throwing this mega bass letme know let me know what your biggestfishes mine personally is a five fivesmallmouth amazing that was it was anexcellent fight rainy day that’s a storyfor another time so again like subscribecomment do what you do I appreciate allyour support thank you all for watchingand helping me get this real storiesfishing thing kicked off and until Icatch you guys later keep fishingyou

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